Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Style >> (sort of) Stars + (lots of) Stripes

Disclaimer: there are no stars in this outfit.  But being that tomorrow is 4th of July here in the states, and that this dress is indeed very stripey, I just couldn't resist using 'Stars and Stripes' for the title.  Plus the necklace is all sorts of shimmery and glowing and beautiful, kind of like a star...  Close enough, right?

I wore this outfit to a very last-minute dinner the other night, and decided that the dress is pretty much the perfect summer "go-to" piece for exactly this type of occasion.  The hi-lo/asymmetrical style hem along with the black and grey striped print make it bold enough on its own that you don't need to add much to it, so it's one of those things that you can throw on and go without looking overly sloppy.  And fabric is jersey so it's ultra comfortable - always a plus in hot weather.  I'm honestly not usually a big fan of jerseys and knits because they don't hang right on me, but this dress is cut well and I think the stripes help.  You just can't go wrong with stripes. 

Despite my love for the striped dress, I have to say that my favorite part of the outfit is this stunning necklace, designed by Jamie over at Deuce.  Jamie makes some seriously gorgeous necklaces, earrings and bracelets using vintage and recycled materials.  This particular necklace - created from mint green recycled sea glass and layers of gold plated curb chain - was the ideal piece to pair with the dress. The soft mint color of the glass and textures of the metals are so opposite of the linear pattern and grey/black tones of the dress, which really makes both pieces pop.  I love how the necklace is both edgy and feminine at the same time, and have a feeling I'll be wearing it a lot this summer.  (Pssst...  Jamie has generously offered Bubby and Bean readers 25% off everything over at Deuce with code BUBBYANDBEAN!  Her work is pretty amazing, and I highly recommend giving it a peek.)

black and grey striped dress Target

I feel like I've worn these sandals more times than is acceptable in outfit posts over the past few months, but they are probably the most versatile pair of semi-dressy summertime shoes I own right now.  The color works with almost everything, and the subtle floral pattern on the wedges makes whatever I'm wearing just a touch more feminine.  I love them. 

This was truly a no fuss outfit you guys.  The dress, the necklace, a few bangle bracelets, and some wedges.  That's it.  I'm normally all about layers and lots of accessories, but there is definitely something to be said for simplicity in fashion, especially this time of year when it's crazy hot outside. 

Necklace: c/o Deuce   //  Dress: Target   //   Shoes: B.O.C.  //   Bracelets: handmade + gifts   

Those of you here is the U.S., what are your plans for 4th of July tomorrow?  I try to go see my husband and the band on the road for the holiday when I can, but this year I'm staying local.  I plan to stop by a couple of parties, maybe catch some fireworks, and be home nice and early so I can pack for the weekend.  I'm heading back down to Indianapolis on Thursday so Morgan and I can work on some blog stuff and then meet up with Robbie when the band plays there Saturday night.  I'll admit I was a little sad to have to miss yet another holiday with my husband, but getting to take another mini road trip then see him on Saturday definitely makes up for it. 

I hope that whatever you have planned for tomorrow, it's fun and full of everything you love about summertime.

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  1. That dress is so cute! I love the high-low hem.

    We actually don't know what we're doing for the 4th yet. We think we might play it by ear for once. Some friends are having a BBQ on their brand new patio, so we'll probably do that, but otherwise it will be a big mystery.

  2. I LOVE the way the stripes are going on that dress. Also, that necklace is so gorgeous. You're such a great model!

    1. You're very sweet! In reality, I am the most "awkward" model ever - I just only post about 10% of the photos I take! :)

  3. The necklace and dress look perfect together!!! Soooo pretty!! I hope you have a good 4th, that must be super hard to be away from your hubby :-(. We are going to my mom's house for a BBQ. :-)

  4. I love that necklace and those shoes are so adorable.

  5. I feel the same way about jersey cotton--I usually don't think it really flatters anyone, but they got the lines cut on this one just right. And that necklace IS indeed a perfect compliment to the dress. Love that it's recycled materials and handmade. My favorite shot is the closeup of your bangles-simply beautiful.

    Since tomorrow is my birthday, I get to choose. Unfortunately, I haven't decided what I want to do yet. I like simple, but fun paired with good food. We'll make something good happen, for sure. Happy Independence Day!

  6. That dress looks absolutely beautiful on you!



  7. I love the necklace, it's so lovely and looks beautiful with the dress. Perfect styling! I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July. We're staying local too.

  8. The dress is amazing! Very pretty but kinda edgy. Awesome.

  9. I was shocked when I saw this dress is from Target. I mean, wow. It looks great! Target usually does have nice clothing, but I somehow thought this was more boutique-esque. Either way, it does look great on you though!

    My plans for tomorrow pretty much consists of a regular Wednesday--and then watching the Boston Pops on Tv. It's a family tradition : ] I hope your holiday is wonderful!

  10. I love that stripey dress! I should shop at Target more. Hope you have fun on the 4th!! xo

  11. Love that dress! I'm really loving the asymmetrical hem look. Also, that necklace is super gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful holiday tomorrow!

  12. Thanks for your comments you guys! I hope you all have a wonderful 4th. :)

  13. stellar photos, outfit, & beautiful you!

  14. You look stunning!! And that necklace is gorgeous. I love the dress too and those awesome shoes...so basically everything :)


  15. that dress was made for you-- you look AWESOME!!

  16. dudeeee, you look amazing! i love you, and you are gorgeous!

  17. You look gorgeous! And your necklace is beautiful :)


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