Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Summertime Fling with Big + Beautiful Bags

summer tote bags

1. Zappos  // 2. ModCloth //  3. Anthropologie  // 4. ModCloth // 5. Apple & Bee  // 6. // 7. Maslinda on Etsy  //  8. Zappos  

Lately, regardless of the occasion, I've been ignoring my cute little purses and handbags when I head out the door in favor of the nearest grocery tote.  I'm not sure why, other than the fact that I feel a little more free-spirited (and less in the mood to be "put together") in the summertime, and it just feels right to throw everything in a big ole' bag and hit the road.  Honestly, I'm not much a purse girl anyway.  I've never been one to have an extensive handbag collection, and if you look inside the purses I do carry, you'll never see a perfectly organized assortment of whatever goodies organized purse people keep in their bags.  You will, however, find things like random hair ties (some broken), 3 to 7 tubes of half-used lip balm, loose change, a wallet brimming with crumpled receipts, an old tube of mascara, a partially consumed Luna Bar, and maybe a piece of gum stuck to the inside of a pocket.  I'm just classy like that.

Because I have accepted the fact that I will never be an organized purse person, and because I happen to like grocery totes but wish I had one that was just a little more chic, I decided my best bet is to find some sort of happy medium.  So I put together this round-up the big + beautiful bags I'm most coveting.  Even if you're not a disorganized, crazy grocery tote carrying lady like I am, I think we can agree that these kind of bags are pretty darn perfect for the summertime.

What kind of bag do you usually carry?  Do you switch them up depending on the season?

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  1. Oh! I'm a huuuge fan of big bags in summer too ! 1, 5 and 8 are my favorites! :D

  2. i switch purses once a week, to match my nail polish. my fave bag here is #4. :)

  3. I've been on a tote bag kick lately, too. I usually have a smaller clutch inside with my wallet, phone, etc. so that if I need to look more "together" I can just take that out of the tote and roll.

  4. I love 1, 2 and 4 soooo much!!!! Have you though about making a bag line for Mountains of the Moon?? I'd buy one!! :-D

    1. We did used to have a all bag line at Mountains of the Moon, and it's definitely something we might consider revisiting in the future!

  5. I like #2 and #7....I actually made bags like #7 in the late 80's for myself and my friends. Who knew it would become trendy???

    In answer to your comment...YES it will be hard to let them go when they sell. I'm already having second thoughts on listing that cute bracelet and anklet!

  6. Love all the picks!! My fav is #1!
    I do switch bags from season to season. I tend to carry small cross body bags in the summer.

  7. I used to be a small bag girl, but since becoming a mom, big totes are just fine! I used to switch bags all the time, but now I just go with the flow and switch whenever. I love all your picks! They're great, and I especially like #2 and #5. =0)

    from Blogging Buddies

  8. i love the colors of the kilim bag! so bohemian!


  9. Great bags! I usually use a big tote, I switch off often :)

  10. I am seriously drooling. I love all of them.

  11. Your bag sounds like mine! Haha. I can't carry small bags because I carry my life with me. The only time I carry a proper purse is if I'm going to a wedding or other fancy thing, or if I'm going out at night to a crowded place, which doesn't happen often. Love all these bags. :)


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