Friday, July 20, 2012

this week in photos + it's spontaneous adventure time!

Happy Friday you guys!  It was my intention to post a really amazing 'Friday is for Favorites' today.  It really and truly was.  First of all, they're one of my very favorite features to work on, and it's been an entire month since the last one, which is just bananas.  Secondly, I've come across a ridiculous amount of cool stuff this week - like a disproportionately large number of rad things - and kept thinking about how excited I was to share them here.  But alas, today's Friday faves will never be.  I've been seriously buried in other work projects (among other things) over the past few days and as a result, may or may not have had a mini breakdown that involved a sudden outburst of irrational tears.  (Don't you just love those?)   The 'Favorites' posts admittedly take me a whole lotta time to put together, and I realized yesterday that I've been failing miserably at my promise to myself not to fall back into the dark abyss of workaholism.  So I just had to skip it.  Again. Thankfully, I have Instagram, which may not be able to share my 'Friday is for Favorites' finds for me, but does allow me to easily document and share bits of my life in a nice, summarized fashion.  Whether this is really awesome or just makes me lazy remains to be seen, but at least I'm able to share something from this week.  So I'll take it.  (And yes, I am making waaaay too big of a deal about the fact that I'm skipping 'Friday is for Favorites' today.  It's called unnecessary rationalizing and it's silly, but when you have an overloaded/exhausted brain, you just go with it.)

Pics from top:  my new favorite person in the world, roman earl bayliss  // amazing surprise in the mail from roots & feathers // jalapenos from our garden  // more of baby roman  // my sister found a mix tape i made her from 1993, and it was awesome // more goodness from our garden: organic tomatoes // peppers! we like our garden a lot.  // the playlist from our 'vintage' mix tape // remembering a very special concert // finally! a new print in our art shop (it's my all time favorite)

And in other news, guess what?  Robbie and I are leaving later today for another spontaneous adventure!  Remember that one we had back in March, when we ended up on an overnight trip to a little town called Galena, IL?  Well we decided that it's time for round two.  And there's a story to go along with it too. 

You see, in between my "I have way too much work to do, I need another intern, I need sleep, why does everything cost sooo much, I can't doooooo ittttt allllll" crying fit the other day, I decided to make myself feel better by looking at Robbie's tour schedule.  (Do you feel like you're waiting for a train wreck to happen just reading that line?)  We've been planning forever to take a long weekend trip alone together this summer (kind of a mini honeymoon since we never went on one), and I thought that choosing a weekend and making a plan would be the best way to stop freaking crying already, and remind myself that life isn't always a ball of stress.  Well let me give a piece of advice to my fellow rock and roll wives (and all the rest of you who have partners who spend half the year away from home for work) - under no circumstances should you ever look at your partner's work schedule when you are in the middle of feeling sorry for yourself.   Especially when you're planning an event that involves just the two of you, away from his work (which is a few-and-far-between occurrence, and thus can much too easily lead to disappointment if you have expectations).  Just don't do it.  Trust me. All I saw was that with the exception of one weekend when we're committed to a family event, he'll be on the road every single weekend until the end of September.  Every weekend - for the rest of the summer and beyond.

Except for this weekend. 

After taking a few minutes to feel just a tiny bit more sorry for myself and to work through a few more dramatic weeps, I pulled it together, and called Robbie (who, like me, does not have his schedule memorized because he wants to enjoy his time at home instead of focusing on when he has to leave again, thankyouverymuch).  I told him that our big summer plan for a getaway wasn't gonna happen, and that for the sake of my sanity, we needed to formulate some sort of plan B.  He agreed.

Yesterday, we had a little brainstorm, and decided that plan B, obviously, would be to go somewhere this weekend.  And since we're not rich enough (or even close) to book a flight somewhere two days in advance, we'd need to go somewhere close.  Although it wouldn't be a honeymoon, we both love mini road trips, so we were cool with this.  So we got online to seach for fun + relaxing places that aren't far, like the Michigan shore, or maybe up to a lake in Wisconsin.  But because it's summer, and the weekend, and last minute, every hotel is booked or ridiculously overpriced.  We'd love to go camping, but with the forecast showing temps being in the 90s, it doesn't seem like our best bet.

We are, however, determined.  And when you can't seem to pull a last minute travel plan together, sometimes you just have to hit the road and go anyway.  This, my friends, is a time when the spontaneous adventure is key.  So after I finish up a few things and throw some clothes (and a bathing suit) in a bag, we're heading out.  At this point, we don't even have the slightest idea where we're going.  Maybe that will change in the next couple of hours.  Maybe not.  Figuring it out along the way is just fine with me.  Like last time, I'll do my best to post updates to Instagram (@bubbyandbean) and Twitter along the way (unless, of course, I shut off my phone completely, which actually sounds really good right now). 

Now that was a rambling post.  Phew.  What are you doing this weekend?  Any spontaneous adventures in your plans?
If you're on Instagram, leave your user name in the comments so I can check out your photos!  You can see more of mine here or under the user name bubbyandbean.

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  1. Have a blast, Melissa & Robbie! Last weekend we took a spontaneous trip to Lake Michigan and played on the beach. It was wonderful and just what we needed! I'm catching up on stuff around the house this weekend and preparing for my husband to get home next week. I love viewing your pics on instagram - my user name is sleepymonkey629. :)

  2. I hope you guys have a fabulous time! My brother in law does sound and lighting production for a group called Signal Path and is constantly on the road too. My sister often feels the same way as you, and she also has to take care of my little nephew who's almost 3. Sometimes I wish that we lived a lot closer to each other and I could help her out or hang out with her when she's down in the dumps about it. You are lucky to have a sister within driving distance! Anyway, hope you guys really enjoy and soak up all that time together this weekend! :)

  3. The random road trip is always, without fail, the best sort of vacation {& the only true get-a-way}. Reservations & plane flights mean expectations-- which means stress. We love us some local random trips without destination or plan-- the best way to relax!!

  4. ohh, those tomatoes look amazing! i need to do some gardening :).

  5. have fun this weekend. adventures are the best <3

  6. Oooooh, that sounds super fun!! I'm such a wimp, I always have to plan so much for trips, I love it how you guys just go!!! I also love your friday favorites posts but I like these instagram ones a lot too :-) We are having a BBQ this weekend and going to a bonfire!

  7. Oh! Can't wait to see where you end up!

    My instagram is shellywest. I am going to find you now!

  8. I hope you have a great chilled-out weekend. Everything will work out. Also, baby! So cute!! It's hard to worry about too much when you're holding something tiny and cute. xoxo

  9. Hopefully those Escape Artist emails will inspire your trip this weekend! Have fun!


  10. Have a great weekend and I really hope that you unravel your ball of stress!! x

  11. Roman is adorable! Also, loving the groovy mixed tape!
    Have a wonderful, adventurous weekend!

  12. Have a nice weekend Melissa, you look so cute with the baby, and that groovy sisters mix looks amazing

  13. While I do love Friday Favorites posts, I also adore your life updates via instagram pictures and words. "They're both good. They're both good." (Said in a Brian Regan voice from his 'Lousy in Little League' routine.) : ]

    I also love your mixtape! In my first car (like 4 years ago) I only had a cassette player and would make myself mixes to listen to since no one else would make one for me (sad face!) and it was kind of awesome doing it like in the "olden days" haha! Your sister is pretty lucky that you took the time to make her that!

    I LOVE your new print. It's so pretty and feminine and flowy. I just love it!

    Have a great mini trip this weekend!

  14. i love allll of this. great post, girl.

    love, rach.

  15. melissa, i hope you had the break you needed on your mini getaway! a mix tape to your sis from 1993? i am so wondering what you put on that. ;) the ticket stub, the little baby, your homegrown peppers, that amazing new print, all are joys & treasures. they can be your friday favorites, because in a way they are. aren't they?

  16. Liking your blog thus far, just started reading it, but I think I will continue to read too!

    My instagram is Shutterbugg553



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