Monday, July 9, 2012

this weekend in photos

Those of you who are regular readers may have noticed that lately, I've been posting more daily life/journal style posts than usual.  Sometimes it's random ramblings of whatever thoughts are filling my head on a particular day.  Sometimes (like today), it's what I've been up to via simple pictures casually snapped with my iPhone.  For a long time, Bubby and Bean was strictly a design and inspiration blog, with very little personal content.  Eventually, I realized that I like sharing pieces of my life with you guys here and there.  This blog is certainly more than just a business for me, and being open to some sharing allows me to have a genuine relationship with my readers.  My favorite blogs contain a nice mix of inspiring projects/ideas and good old fashioned real life, and that's how I like to keep things around here.  As for the recently more frequent day-to-day life posts (and less frequent DIY projects, recipes, home decor and design posts), I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it's summertime.  This time of year encourages me to make a conscious effort to spend less time in front of the computer or working on inside projects and more time being outdoors and, you know, living and stuff.  My sister Morgan (who does the recipes and food-related posts around here) and I did some great brainstorming and planning for the blog this weekend when I went down to visit her, so for those of you who like less personal and more inspiration, don't worry - there's lots of goodness for you in the works as well.

Speaking of daily life (and going to hang with my sis this weekend), the shots above are some of my favorite Instagram photos from the last few days.  In addition to our work meetings, Morgan and I had some fun adventures as well, including getting to meet up with my husband when the band played Indianapolis and finally getting to see Moonrise Kingdom... 

Pics from top:  2 guitars + a bass  // my sis looking out to the crowd from side stage saturday night // sis and i were robbie's 'better quarters' at the show // hanging with the husband at work  // 'moonrise kingdom' was even better than we'd hoped // avocado + black bean + olives + garlic + fresh romaine + tomato pizza at mackenzie river // my sister's dog isis (aka the 'bean' in 'bubby and bean') going to town on her kong  // bean and her rough, rough life  // first pepper of the season in our garden // first yellow tomato too!

What did you do this weekend?  Anything fun planned for the upcoming week?
If you're on Instagram, leave your user name in the comments so I can check out your photos!  You can see more of mine here or under the user name bubbyandbean.

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  1. I also love reading blogs with more personal content, it just connects you to the writer so much faster! Also, that pizza looks delicious. Yum.

  2. Pool, pool and more pool. Its hot round here!

  3. Love instagram & the glimpses into your personal world-- not only does it make the posts interesting, it also gives a personal connection to your art & style! Oh & I've just gotten into instagram @theclosetintellectual & I'll be sure to add you to my follow list!

  4. Adorable dog! Looks like a fun weekend! Great blog. Would you like to follow each other?


  5. I went to the beach 2 days in a row-it was fabulous! Yesterday night we an amazing steak supper complete with corn on the cob, bread sticks, roasted rosemary potatoes, cucumber dill salad, and rhubarb crisp for dessert. I'm still drooling ;)

    Instagram: heidi_and_seek

  6. I love that you share pieces of your personal life!! I think you have a great balance of personal and inspiration stuff here! Your weekend looked awesome. :-)

  7. Fun times! I love following you on instagram!!! You are always going and doing such fun things:))

  8. Don't you mean Bean's ruff-ruff life? (haha!) Sorry, I couldn't resist ; ]

    Congratulations on your pepper and tomato! We had three small yellow tomatoes grow ripe a few weeks ago (and we ate them of course) but the rest are still green. *sigh* I must continue waiting.

    The only thing planned for this week is my birthday tomorrow (quarter century here I come!) but even for this I'm not doing anything special. Oh well : ]

    I'll always read your blog whether it's all inspiration or all personal, so no worries from me!

  9. Great photos!! Isis is sooo adorable and I need to see Moonrise Kingdom soon!
    I love getting to see personal things in blogs I read; it gives me a sense of who is the brains behind the blog.

  10. those backstage pictures are awesome. i need to get instagram.

  11. Fantastic photos! Instagram is so much fun :)

  12. melissa, oh your garden! :) the guitar photo is my heart. <3 i thought that looked like taco pizza, yum. i want to give bean a hug.

  13. fun photos! i can't wait to start gardening once we move to our new house!

    i'm new to instagram, but i'm already hooked. my username is madisoncary!

    and i love reading (and writing) personal content. i feel it's easier to relate to one another. because everyone has a story to tell! but it definitely does take some courage to do it!

  14. Ooo, that food looks tasty!

    Instagram @flemingavenue


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