Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet the Bubby and Bean August Medium Sponsor Team!

Kitty and Buck
Hi there! My name is Shell, or Kitty if you'd prefer? When you visit Kitty & Buck, you'll find a new post every day on lovely things that interest and inspire me - and you too I hope! There are lots of pretty pictures showing my adventures around my hometown, Sydney as well as the rest of the world. You'll also discover some fabulous dress-ups and other tidbits like thrifting, baking, books and film. I'm a designer by trade and I try and make my blog a relaxing, thoughtful, creative and inspiring place, come by and say hello!

My Sweet Life
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I am an aspiring designer - mostly jewelry right now, but eventually will branch into clothing. I express myself through my creations. I have grown so much through my work, and through my spiritual practice. I truly believe in mind, body, spirit connection. I try everyday to be true to myself and be kind to others.

Twisted Whimsy Designs
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Hi, I'm Joanna, a jewelry designer, graphic artist, vegetarian and lover of mother earth. I created Twisted Whimsy so I could share my love for fun accessories and metal art. I design for the sweet souls of the wild women who yearn to find strength and love from the connectedness and beauty of nature.

Epic Thread
My name is Jillian.  My blog is all about promoting creativity through DIY projects, art, photography, and fashion. 

My name is Roxy. :)  If you are interested in photographs, roller derby, sewing, travel, and pets, then you might be interested in me.  And I am probably interested in you.

Roots and Feathers
Hi, my name is Laura, owner and designer of Violet Bella and Roots and Feathers.  My collections of jewelry and handmade clothing are deeply inspired by nature and the creatures you find in it, as well as the colors and elements you find there.  You will find bits of bohemian, girly, whimsical & cute throughout my shops.  I also run a blog called Violet Bella where I share my daily experiences of life.

My name is Savannah and I am a 24 year old wife, entrepreneur, designer, nester, and futuristic thinker. Maiedae’s Blog is a lifestyle blog run by me and aims to inspire by featuring creative resources, life balance, fashion, home nesting, DIY Projects, small business development, everyday living, and the joys of being a new wife!

Little Tree
I'm a tiny girl with a huge heart for vintage & pre loved items. I blog about personal style & my soon to be new adventures of getting into fashion school in new york city. come and say hi!

Sincerely Kinsey
Sincerely, Kinsey is a blog that focuses on living a creative lifestyle through fashion, DIY projects, and photography related posts.

The Curious Pug
Hi there! I'm Alycia and I'm a huge bookworm who loves patio gardening. My blog is mostly about life's happenings and inspirations I find from around the web. My dogs keep me busy and I am a newbie to crochet. Come by and say hi!

Scathingly Brilliant
Hello! I'm Kate and I blog at Scathingly Brilliant -- a mish-mash of personal style, music, movies, cats and astronomy. I spend most of my time working on my etsy shop, Flapper Doodle, where I sell my illustrations and things with my illustrations printed on them. When I'm not blogging and etsy-ing, I'm usually watching The X-Files and classic movies or playing with my adorable cats Chloe and Hypatia!

Moorea Seal
Hello! I'm Moorea Seal. I'm a 25 year old full time artist living in the magical city of Seattle. I am a jewelry designer and small business owner and plan to expand my business greatly over 2012, just you wait and see :) In addition to running my jewelry business, I am a blog designer for Freckled Nest Design and I do freelance Illustration and Graphic Design.  My blog is all about style and design with a little bit of personal commentary and rumination thrown in there too.

Sunglasses Shop
Our raison d’ĂȘtre? It’s simple. We’re here to deliver top sunglasses - including the most revered and sought-after designer names - at the best possible prices and with the least amount of fuss. Our customers come from all walks of life, some looking for the very latest in fashion, others for more technical eyewear. We’re here to give you exactly what they want and more!

As I said in our Meet the Large Sponsors post earlier today, Bubby and Bean's August Sponsor team is pretty amazing.  Please help support them (and thus help support this blog as well!) by taking a couple of minutes to click on the images and links above so you can see all the goodness they have to offer.  You'll be glad you did - promise. :) 

If you have a blog, small business or shop and would like me to help you promote it to thousands of awesome people every single day, visit our sponsor page for more info.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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  1. Another spectacular sponsor post (well, posts plural). I had fun looking through everyone's blogs and shops and found a couple new blogs to follow. Yay! Thanks Melissa : ]

  2. I enjoy looking at those pictures, it looks so great and beautiful images. Thanks for the share.

  3. Hi Melissa, thank you so much for having me in August, I'm flattered to be in such fantastic company! A couple of new shops and blogs to check out as well :)


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