Friday, October 12, 2012

5 Texas Gems // By Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno

It's Kelly from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno filling in for Melissa while she's in Austin!  Brandi and I love taking road trips any chance we get and we love exploring new parts of Texas.  In case you haven't been to Texas or driven across Texas, it's HUGE. We have the beach, the forest, the desert, mountains and a whole lot of lakes in between it all.  Here are five of our favorite little Texas Gems.

Galveston. Our whole life, we have been within an hour of Galveston Beach. It's where we took our nephew on our first out of town adventure, it's where we went to escape high school, spent our birthdays, surfed, and so on. We love it for its history as well as our own.

Hamilton Pool. While we only just discovered this little Texas Gem a year ago, we are completely in love. I makes us feel as if we are out on some deserted island... or on the set of a movie.

Marfa. No water here. Just sand and the sky and creativity for miles. We recently visited Marfa for an all girls camping trip. Even though my battery died, I still chalk it up to one of my favorite trips. We are actually heading back out to Marfa this week for a wedding and a few Pinpoint Method interviews.

Balmorehea. This state park is perfect for any trip.  Family, lovers, friends, you name it.  Don't count on a night out on the town here.  This is it.  Nothing but a tent, a swim suit and a lot of spf while taking in the Texas beauty.

Canyon Lake.  Party Time.  Excellent.  Ooooh, the times we had on Canyon Lake... 

If you are ever visiting Texas and want a list of places to go, visit our blog or feel free to email us! We share the love.


Big thanks to the dynamic duo of Kelly and Brandi (aka Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno) for sharing their favorite Texas places while I'm away in - wait for it - Texas!   Make sure you guys stop by their blog - their posts are always so fun and a daily read for me.  Also take a few minutes to check out their shop (seriously rad handmade accessories), and Kelly's amazing project, The Pinpoint Method.   You can also find them on Twitter (Brandi + Kelly).  I'm having the best time in Austin - I can't wait to tell you guys about it.  See you Monday.  xo, melissa


  1. I love love love this guest post! I am a recent Texas transplant...moved here a from Chicago a little over a year ago...and never expected to LOVE Texas as much as i do!!! Thanks for sharing these Texas gems...I will be putting a few of them on my to do list!

  2. Awesome guest post! And I hope Melissa is enjoying her time in awesome TEXAS!!! All of the places shown look like major fun (and I've never been to Texas). =0)
    from Blogging Buddies

  3. "Nothing but a tent, a swim suit and a lot of spf while taking in the Texas beauty." I love this sentence. All of these places sound wonderful. If I were in Texas, I would go to Hamilton Pool first!!

  4. Such pretty places and such pretty graphics!!! Makes me want to go to Texas just to visit them!!! :-)

  5. OH how badly this post makes me want a vacation!


  6. Thanks again Kelly and Brandi for filling in for me! LOVE this post and all of these magical places they shared! xo, m

  7. All of these places look amazing! I wanna go to Texas now. =)

  8. Thank You for thinking of us for a guest post! You are awesome!


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