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Meet Pedestrian Designs
Today's post is a special interview with this month's featured sponsor, Christine of Pedestrian Designs.  Christine hand makes the most adorable dragon, unicorn, wise owl and fairytale-inspired hats and cowls for children and playful adults.  Her designs are so vibrant and fun, and I'm excited to be able to share this peek into her life and work with you guys. 

Hi Christine!  Please tell us a little about yourself.  
I live in North Platte Nebraska, a quaint town in western Nebraska, nestled between the forks of the Platte River.  My husband, children, and I enjoy meandering canoe rides and wandering in the woods by the river. 

How did you become interested in making hats?
Hats are the new masks.  A person puts on one of my Dragon Hats or Rapunzel Hoods and they are instantly transformed into a fantastic creature.  I love to see little ones, and even adults, take on the role of the hat they are wearing.

What are your favorite materials to work with?
My favorite material to work with is a soft, lumpy yarn in rich colorways.  Most of my items are made it this lumpy yarn because it is so very cuddly, non itchy, and easy to care for.

What types of things inspire you in your work?  Are there any other artists or businesses who have influenced you?
I am inspired by Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably's use of bold use of color combinations in their knitwear and quilt design as well as Knitta Please's graphic street art and yarn bombs.  On Etsy, Farburvur delights with her whimsical creature design, and The Poppy Tree inspires me to stretch hat design to new limits.

The Bubby and Bean blog focuses on living a creative lifestyle.  Aside from making your hats and cowls, are there other things you particularly enjoy creating?
I am fascinated by heritage crafts, particularly yarn spinning and weaving.  I've been studying under an experienced spinner since July and hope to make a perfectly balanced two ply yarn by February.  Pinterest is guilty pleasure of mine (you can view my page here), and I troll for the ultimate holiday decoration ideas to replicate.  I am also searching for pins of great baskets to inspire the last phase of our laundry room remodel.  This summer, I hope to have the storage shelves in the laundry room filled with simple, elegant, and sunshine-y baskets.

If you had to pick one of your designs that was your favorite, what would it be?
My favorite item I make is The Little Red Riding Hood.  It is so warm when a cold wind blows and the handcut tree branch buttons are amazing.  The Little Red Riding Hood can be requested in other colors too, if you are so inclined.

Where do you see yourself and/or your business in 5 years?
I hope to expand Pedestrian Designs to sweaters and sweater vests (which I love to wear).  How awesome would a fox hoodie and a dragon sweater be!? We would like to round out our designs and include some stuffies too.  Personally, one of our life goals is to do more hiking and canoeing.  Watch out, Halsey National Forest!  Here we come!

One of our most popular series on Bubby and Bean is 'Friday is For Favorites.'  Tell us your favorites of the following:  color, movie, food, band, show.
Color:  pea green. Movie:  'The Fountain.' Food:  warm soup and grilled cheese. Band:  Mumford and Sons.

Thank you Christine for sharing a little about yourself and your work with us!  Make sure you guys pay Christine's shop a visit so you see all of her adorable creations; they'd all make wonderful holiday gifts for the little ones (and adults too)!  Christine has also generously created a special coupon just for Bubby and Bean Readers >> Take 15% off your entire order at Pedestrian Designs with code BUBBYANDBEAN15

You can also find Christine on her Facebook, and Pinterest.

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  1. Love these hats! I used to crochet in highschool and used to make these kinds of hats for friends but mine never looked this phenomenal! So inspiring!

  2. Oh my gosh soooo cute!!! Definitely getting my niece a Christmas present there!!

  3. Beautiful work and I love the "rawr like a dragon" motto. =) Thanks for introducing!

  4. That Red Riding one is my favorite! Love it!
    Great feature. =0)

  5. Love these hats! The wood buttons are fantastic. :)

  6. Thanks for the comments you guys! I agree that Christine's work is adorable! xo, m

  7. Those look adorable! Forget getting them for the kids, I'd get several for myself. :D

  8. Those are amazing! I really want one! Probably the unicorn one haha


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