Monday, December 10, 2012

Life Lately, In Snapshots

Pics from top:  1. likely the best advice ever given by a fortune cookie  // 2. game night with morgan & josh revealed that robbie is the 'clue' master // 3. the week before thanksgiving, order craziness starts to emerge // 4. i'd be happy with nothing more than mashed potatoes on thanksgiving // 5. time to redecorate the living room // 6. sweet molly over at vivi dot sent the best thanksgiving surprise // 7. after 2 years, the daisies from the little kit we bought decided to bloom // 8. amazing pillow discovered on a random late night target trip  // 9. deciding to take a drive out to the house we grew up in = best idea ever // 10. official order madness ensues // 11. my favorite holiday movie of all time // 12. bought some fresh greens from a local nursery to add to our wreath and garland  // 13. i eat so much better when robbie is home to do the cooking // 14. this gorgeous cowl arriving in the mail from miss susannah bean made my day // 15. love this vintage sign in my dad and step mom's house // 16. i might have a problem saying no to vintage santas.

It's time once again for another monthly-ish peek into my daily life via good old Instagram photos.  Despite the bits and pieces of fun you see in the photos above, I'm not going to lie - this past month has been exhausting.  Awesomely exhausting, but exhausting nonetheless.  I know I'm not alone in feeling this way -   those of you who are small business owners are likely in the same boat as me.  My clothing line has had its busiest season in years, and the print/greeting card shop its busiest ever.  Most of my time has been spent printing/scoring/packing/folding cards, answering business emails and phone calls, doing website and shop updates, packing orders, and writing blog posts.  There hasn't been much socializing (or sleeping) around these parts, but I couldn't be more grateful.  (And in addition to being grateful for all the orders, I have to give another shout-out to my employee Kari, who has been really holding down the fort with the clothing line while I focus on the blog and art shop stuff.) 

I leave this weekend to go to Mexico for a week with Robbie's band for their annual festival down there, so the next few days promise to be the most insane of all.  Between wrapping up all the orders to go out before closing the art shop for a week, getting the clothing line ready to leave with Kari during our busiest season, writing extra posts to schedule here for while I'm gone, and trying to squeeze in some non-work 'to do' list items like writing Christmas cards and getting gifts purchased, wrapped and shipped to family before we leave the country, I'm not counting on any down time for the next 6 days.  I'm not complaining, although I'll admit I'm pretty stressed.  I will say that I fully plan to spend the first 24 hours south of the border sleeping on a hammock.  That's definitely the thing keeping me upright and motivated to power through right now!

For those of you who are crazy busy right now as well, I'm sending you lots of positive vibes to push through the madness, with hopes of some rest and relaxation in your near future.
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  1. Good fortune! And I love the house you grew up in. Mine, sadly, is long gone, but my mom got each of us a brick engraved when they demolished it. :)

  2. That fortune is spot on for you, lady. I hope you keep that in a safe place for a long time!

    I also hope you bought that pillow from Target. I almost picked it up, and since I keep thinking about it I might have to go back for it. Can't wait to see your newly decorated living room!

  3. Have had a fab holiday Melissa!

  4. i love how fortune cookies are more about advice now. rather than fortunes haha :)

  5. Isn't it funny how some people just ROCK clue, and the rest of us are sitting there like "wait, what?!?!" LOL

    I love your Santa collection! I collect Santa figures too!
    Hope you have a wonderful vacation in Mexico!!

    I'm on Instagram @ dearmisstraci

  6. hope you have fun in mexico baby girl. loving that fortune cookie too, so true<3

  7. Gaaah, I can't even imagine how busy you must be and it sounds super stressful but I hope you have the best vaca ever!!! Love all these pics!!!

  8. That is one of the best fortune cookie fortunes I have ever seen!
    Each time you do your Instagram posts, it SO makes me want to get a phone, just for the Instagram! LOL
    Have fun in Mexico!!! =0)


  9. i dig your instas! sorry your stressed, but glad business is booming. your vacation will be well deserved. enjoy it melissa. :)

  10. You have a great collection of photos, and I especially like the quote which was given by your fortune cookie “Avoid unchallenging occupation- they will waste your great talents”


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