Thursday, January 3, 2013

Aventuras en México (It's the End of the World As We Know It)

I spent the week before Christmas in Tulum, Mexico, for the annual music festival that Robbie's band plays there.  The event is usually in January, but they decided to hold it over the week of 12/21/2012 this time around, to coincide with the Mayan calendar ending.  It was actually a pretty amazing experience to be on sacred Mayan land during this time, and although I was never among those who believed that the world would come to an end on that date, I can definitely appreciate the concept of it being the beginning of a new era of consciousness.  It was also really nice to be able to spend some time sitting in the sunshine and being lazy after a solid month of 60-80 hour work weeks for the holiday rush.  And the whole "end of the world" party - which involved dancing on the sand, under the stars, next to the Caribbean Sea with my friends - wasn't so bad either.

The festival is held at a resort so I didn't get to take as wide of a variety of photographs as I usually do on vacations where there's more of an opportunity to explore.  But Robbie and I each found some time to snap pictures here and there of random cool things + moments we came across.  It's always fun to seek out less obvious photography subjects on vacations anyway - it encourages you to pay better attention to your surroundings.

Did you take any tropical vacations in 2012?  Have any fun trips planned for 2013?

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  1. What a beautiful place! I also think your new lizard pal looks pretty cool.

    We don't have any tropical trips in the works, but my sister and I are going to Toronto in the spring, and then Hubsey and I are aiming for a European jaunt in the fall. Fingers crossed!

  2. seems like a great place to spend your holidays.these pics are wonderful!

  3. Wow, it is nice to see that there are good parts of Mexico. I was in Mexico in April, but it was Juarez, far less glamorous. Looks like a blast!!

  4. This looks amazing! I don't have any tropical trips planned for 2013 (unless you count London as tropical lol) but I went to the Dominican Republic this September and had a blast! There is something so care free about places like that!

    X Kenzie

  5. Looks amazing! Lucky you!

    Blogging Buddies Team

  6. I am loving all these tropical photos, especially with it being less than 30 degrees outside this morning! =0)
    Looks like you had a great time, and the shots that you and Robbie did get are awesome.
    Your new buddy up there is way cool! Hubby went to Ecuador in 2008 for work, and there was a park full of those guys just hanging out. Crazy cool!

  7. My word - but those sandy beaches look so inviting to those of us "drowning" rats in the UK! After the second-wettest year on record, I'm thinking of investing in flippers rather than shoes or boots for getting around!

    Glad you enjoyed your break: hope 2013 is as good for you all!


  8. Looks like fun...especially as I type this right now with freezing fingers and toes!!

  9. Gorgeous pictures, and how cool that you spent such a sacred day on such sacred land! I'm actually going to Costa Rica in a few months, so these pictures really inspire me for my trip. =)

  10. You and your amazing adventures!!! ;-D This looks like such a fun time!! Mexico is totally on my bucket list. :-)

  11. I have never done a tropical vacation, I'm always going north :-)
    Love the cold, snow and most beautiful trip was definitely Iceland!

  12. i wish it was that warm in texas right now. i bet you wish it was that warm in chicago too. i don't like this freezing weather.


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