Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gettin' Organized // How We Transformed Our Garden Supply Mess

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I mentioned in one of my first posts this year that I don't really do New Year's resolutions, because realistically, I can never seem to keep them going.  For 2013, however, there is one exception.  Despite the fact that being surrounded by clutter is completely anxiety-inducing for me, my disorganized nature wins out and everything around me turns into endless piles of disarray.  Sigh.  So this year, I am going to get organized.  Once and for all.

I decided that in my new-found efforts to take charge of the chaos, I was going to start with our gardening supplies.  Yes, it is January.  In Chicago.  But I figured that this was the perfect way to really get a head start on things.  Any project that provides a reminder that spring will eventually return makes me instantly more driven.  And honestly, the thought of not having to peer at the pathetic mound of cluttered gardening stuff getting slowly destroyed on a pallet outside of my basement door (because that's how I remove clutter - I hide it) was motivation enough.  My only challenge after bringing everything inside was to find a way to store it so that it wasn't completely taking over our (tiny) basement.

Lucky for me, the fine folks at Trinity let me browse through their awesomely diverse selection of storage goodies, and I discovered the perfect unit for my gardening supplies: a commercial grade chrome 5-tier shelving rack.  I knew that this would give me plenty of room to fit everything, and I loved the fact that it had wheels in case it needed to be moved around.  And as you guys know, I'm a fan of sustainable products, so I was pretty happy to learn that the unit was made with respect for the environment, with absolutely no toxic chemicals released during its production.  Double win.

When the unit arrived, Robbie helped me put it together.  I'm not going to lie - he's the gardening guru in the house, and I think he may have been even more excited about it than I was.  The assembly was simple and only took a few minutes, so we were able to get right down to business.  As you can see, we were able to fit the whole mess from the pallet outside onto the shelving unit, with plenty of room to spare for more supplies once gardening season begins.  I'm really impressed with how sturdy the unit is too - it holds up to 600 pounds, which will be great once it's time to load it up with heavy bags of soil.  And although the basement will admittedly never be the most attractive area of my house, the Trinity shelving unit instantly improved the appearance of the space.  Again, double win.  Huge step in the right direction for my 2013 organization goals.

If any of you share similar goals for this year in terms of getting things in order around your place, I highly recommend checking out Trinity's product line.  In addition to the fantastic unit that has magically transformed my gardening supply storage, they have other shelves to choose from, along with crates, bins, carts, and lots of other organizational goodies for every room in your home. Trinity offers free shipping on all orders too to the U.S. mainland too.  Woot!  And, Bubby and Bean readers can save 15% off their entire purchase through February 17, 2013 by using the promo code: CLEVER0113 

Is getting your home more organized something you have on your 2013 goal list?
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  1. I love organization, and right now your gardening supplies are looking gorgeous to me as I think of the clutter in my garage. =0)
    I will definitely check out Trinity, and the coupon is good for a few weeks, so that's great!

  2. Oh wow what a difference!!! You also have room to grow to on the shelves! Good for you!!

    I really need to buckle down and get organized too!!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. You did a great job organizing & putting things together.

  4. This is such a dramatic difference! I have plans to organize my life this year haha

    <3 Melissa

  5. This looks fab! I'm laughing a little, because I'm the same way, I tend towards messiness, yet that completely stresses me out!

  6. Looks great! So organized! I'm going to check out these shelves right now. Thanks for the coupon!

  7. This inspires me to get organized this week, my place is a disaster haha!!!


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