Monday, February 25, 2013

Life Lately // In Snapshots

Pics from top:  1. winter skies are pretty, but it's time to make way for spring  // 2. celebrating love // 3. another fantastic target clearance find // 4. girlfriends and taco dates ftw  // 5. my favorite baby boy crawled for the first time at auntie melissa's house last week! // 6. brand new thank you card sets in the shop // 7. reading about yerba mate in the bookstore cafe // 8. we made vegan buffalo cauliflower bites and they were amazing // 9. pretty fantastic package i received from on friday  // 10. found this gem from 2006; my sis and i hanging sidestage while my boyfriend (now husband) worked  // 11. a record a day keeps the doctor (& winter blues) away // 12. love that my dad saves me copies of fashion week articles from his new york times // 13. robbie brought me back my all-time favorite food (chura momos) from my all-time favorite restaurant (little tibet in bloomington, in) // 14. drying my valentine flowers

How was your weekend?  Despite that fact that it was Oscars weekend (watching the Oscars has been one of my absolute favorite things to do since I was a little girl!), truthfully, this weekend was pretty crap-tastic.  I really don't like to make the blog an outlet for trivial complaints.  We all have problems, and an inspiration blog isn't the place to vent them.  That said, I have to say it - this weekend was just plain sucky.  Robbie finally got a break after the band's 5-week winter tour last week, but after just a few days at home, he got a call on Saturday evening that his sweet grandmother wasn't doing well.  So he left immediately and drove through the night to go be with her.  I'm hoping to meet him out there over the next day or so, so that we can spend some time with her before he leaves to go back on the road - but the winter storm that's supposed to come through may force him to head home early.  My grandmother has also not been well over the last few weeks, and although they have both lived long and absolutely incredible lives, this is a difficult time.  In fact, this month has been difficult in general - lots of loss, lots of stress, lots of time away from my husband, lots of curve balls, lots of winter blahs. There is always a bright side though, and February's complete lack of awesomeness has made me even more excited for March.  Yay spring!  Springtime always makes everything better, doesn't it?

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  1. Sorry to hear that your weekend wasn't the one you wanted. Keep in mind that the bad weekends make the good all that much sweeter. Hope things start getting better for you.

  2. I am also having a pretty crap-tastic month! I won't drag out all the details here, but it's just been a giant bucket of lame. I'm ready for spring.

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandmothers. Sending you positive thoughts.

    1. 'Giant bucket of lame' is officially my new motto for February. Thanks for that one!

  3. Sorry to hear about the news of both of your grandmothers. That really does make the weekend (and month) a bummer. I'm hoping you get to go and meet Robbie to spend time, but I did see the weather report & I'm hoping the best for you. February may have been an overall blah month (at least it's a short month), but March is coming - Spring is coming. Sunshine is on the way! Smile today. Tell the grandmothers you love them. And hang in there.

  4. All the food looks so yummy...esp. the buffalo cauliflower!
    Sorry to hear about your weekend and your family. I hope you get to spend some time with your hubby before he has to go back out on the road!

  5. I love these life update posts!!! I'm so sorry about your grandmas, it sounds like a lot to deal with this month and I hope March is much better!!! February is always bad for me too, I don't know why. Spring will be here soon!!! :-D

  6. I love the heart garland, and those sandals are so pretty. That picture of you and your sister is so cool too, how fun! I don't like the winter months myself. March is better than February but April is my favorite. I'm sending love your way, that is very rough about your grandmas. =(

  7. Thank you guys, so much, for your kind words. Despite my whining, I am excited that in just a few days we get out of my least favorite month for a whole year! WOOT to that! :) xo, m

  8. oh so sorry about the grandmas! :( i hope they are doing better. i enjoy looking at your life lately photos. maybe this weekend will make up for last weekend? fingers crossed. ;)


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