Monday, February 11, 2013

Rainy Day Dates (and Photography Fails)

Yesterday my friend Cheri and I decided to get together and do what we do best on cold, rainy days: grab lunch, then head to the bookstore for coffee and magazines.  I love our day dates, and thought it would be fun to bring my camera and document some of the details of our afternoon.  Cheri is so good at slowing down and noticing the details in everything (I am much less patient), so she seemed like the perfect person to help with this little project.

Unfortunately, when I pulled my camera out of its bag to snap the first picture, the battery was dead. So my big plans for nice looking photographs to share with you guys were replaced by these very mediocre quality iPhone shots. Sigh.  You get the the point though.  It was a nice, simple afternoon with a friend, and the perfect way to get out of the house on a dreary day without sacrificing comfort and coziness. (Pssst...  We also made a little Vine video, right here.)

What did you do this weekend?  What is your ideal rainy day date with a friend?

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  1. Just found your blog , love it ,
    following you from now on !

  2. I miss taking the town with my best friend! Sounds like the ideal way to spend a rainy afternoon!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  3. Ha! Your iPhone pics are still better than my camera pics. Hrm. Maybe I need to figure that out, after all.

    Looks like you had a fun time!

  4. I wish my normal pics looked as good as your failed ones! Looked like a fun weekend, like your blog :-)

  5. I worked on Valentine's chocolates over the weekend. And my idea of a rainy day date is a lot like what you posted here today - lunch and a book store would be great fun!
    And I think your photos came out just fine. =0)

  6. Oh please! Your iPhone pictures look amazing! I remember when my boyfriend and I had the same kind of dates early in our relationship, good times. Instead this weekend we were snowed in but still made the most of it. :)

  7. Ohhh I love that arrow ring.. gorgeous! And a Love Is book.. not seen one of those in a while :)

  8. i wish you and i could just spend a day together and do all these little things, we'd have the best time! love you sis


  9. Your phone pictures look 100 times better than mine, but I also know the frustration of pulling out your nice camera only to realize it isn't charged! This looks like the perfect day.

  10. This looks like such a delightful day of little adventures!

  11. Love going to bookstores with a friend, it such a treat and there are so many amazing books out there! Otherwise curling up on the couch under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a chic flick is a great way to spend a raining afternoon - love it!
    x Tania

  12. I hate when that happens! Sometimes I forget to look if my cam is charged and I'll go out on an excursion to find out my battery is done-zo! Ugh!


  13. OOoooo, I love that ring you're wearing in that pic! I have a bit of a ring addiction...

  14. i got that last book for my boy for christmas! lovely photos (even if they were iphone photos). i could spend days inside a bookstore, looked like a fun day date.

    come say hello MOCCASIN RUN
    stop by the shop MOCCASIN RUN

  15. Bookstores are the perfect rainy day date. I have to have a good incentive to go out in the cold when it's rainy, especially, and usually good coffee is also required. I love cozy, warm, quiet coffee shops in the afternoon too...they know what they're doing with the comfy chairs and warm lighting and filling the whole place up with that intoxicating coffee makes me never want to leave.

  16. I love spending time in bookstores on rainy days!
    Glad you enjoyed the day with your friend and your salad lunch looks delicious :)
    best wishes,
    Duni xo

  17. I love spending time in the bookstore with a cup of hot chocolate :)

  18. I miss taking the town with my best friend! Sounds like the ideal way to spend a rainy afternoon!! =)
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