Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Transition to Spring >> Graphic Pullovers

Graphic Pullovers // Bubby and Bean

1. Hello Green Champ Pullover, Hello Apparel  //  2. Black Galaxy Pullover, H&M  
3. Gold Foil Graphic Pullover, Target  // 4. Contemplative Canine Top, ModCloth 
Markus Lupfer Lips Sweater, Net-A-Porter // 6. Listen to the People Sweatshirt, Karmaloop 
7. Vintage Bambi Park Sweatshirt, Free People // 8. Ventana Pullover Light Sweatshirt, Maryink 
KISS Distressed Sweater, Sugar Bullets

Very soon (although not quite soon enough in my opinion), it will be time to put away our bulky winter coats in favor of awesome things like jackets and sweaters.  And although we've got a while to go (at least here in the states) before we'll be frolicking barefoot in shorts and sundresses, the in-between of winter and spring can still be a fun time for casual fashion.  Example: the graphic pullover.  It was a wardrobe staple in the fall, and I think it's the perfect everyday transition piece for early spring as well.  I love how you can pair it with everything from plain jeans to printed skirts.  Graphic pullovers are anything goes - they make boring outfits fun.    

Are you a fan of graphic pullovers?  And are you as excited as I am to bury your winter coat in the back of the closet until next year?

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  1. I think it's pretty funny how often you and I mention the weather on our blogs. :-) Silly Midwest.

    The only pullover I have is football-related. It's an old Bears sweatshirt that my dad wore about 25 years ago. It shrank in the wash at one point, but he held onto it for some reason and then found it again a couple of years ago. Obviously he couldn't wear it anymore, so he gave it to me! It's rad.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that Galaxy one, might have to make a sneaky purchase! I've been looking for a nice sweatshirt for a long time now.

  3. Those are fun, I love the green Hello one!

  4. Ooooh - these always remind me of Spring & camping, for some reason. Love them! I scour thrift shops for nice old ones... :)

  5. Cool + Comfy = The Perfect Combination :)

  6. I really love the first three! And I love pullovers. =0)

  7. i really love these! especially 1, 4 & 6! since i started working as a nanny full time i have been wearing more graphic pullovers because they are functional but they are also good looking for when i get off!

  8. Looking at these I just realized I haven't got a single pullover with a graphic on it! I'm loving the "hello" one :)

  9. These are all awesome and I love the collage you made!

  10. Oh printed sweatshirts take me back to the 80s. Like many things from the 80s they can be awesome or tacky, or in most cases, both. :)

  11. These sweatshirts are so trendy! Great!!
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    xo maschalina

  12. The "hello" pullover is so adorable!

  13. i'm a fan of graphic t-shirts. we don't wear pullovers too often in texas because it's rarely cold enough. guess who saw kiss in concert a long old time ago?

  14. i just bought that modcloth one! great round up.


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