Friday, March 8, 2013

12 More Days! // My Springtime Wishlist

Spring Is Almost Here // Bubby and Bean
1. Arbor Tassel Pillow, Anthropologie  //  2. Hello Sunshine iPhone Case, Kate Spade  
3. Mini Planter Set, Wind & Willow Home  //  4.  Beaker Test Tube Wall Vase, CB2  
5. Seaside Blue Denim Cutoff Shorts, Madewell  //  6. Born Wapiti Sandals, Planet Shoes 
  Botanical Paint Set, CB2  //  8. Enamel Daisy Earrings, AZ Collection
9. Cordelia Sunglasses, Kate Spade  //  10. From Pier to Eternity Bag, Modcloth

You guys.  Daylight savings time starts tomorrow night.  Finally!  The return of the light!  And guess what else?  Spring is officially 12 days away.  This means that soon, the dismal grey skies and barren, colorless trees here in Chicago will be replaced by vibrant blues and greens, the lifeless ground will become lush and dotted with budding flowers, and we'll finally get to step foot outside without being trapped under 500 layers.  It also means that you will no longer have to be subjected to my constant complaining about winter.  High fives all around!

In honor of spring's almost arrival, I decided to forgo a regular Friday is Favorites post in place of a spring-themed, warmer weather wish list.  Window shopping for spring goodies is almost as fun as the real thing.  I can almost hear the birds chirping...

Have you done any springtime window shopping lately? (Pssst... Happy Friday!  I hope your weekend is wonderful.)

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  1. That means my birthday is in 12 days (or is it 13?)! Anyway, I love this wishlist. Those daisy earrings are too cute. x

    <3 Melissa

    1. If your birthday is the first day of spring (the 20th), then 12! :) My husband's is the 21st. March is a good birthday month.

  2. Love these colors! Those Kate Spade sunglasses are too cute. :)

  3. woo hoo this post has cheered up my day :) can't wait for spring and bright colours!!
    Happy weekend

  4. I love that phone case and the mini planters!!! I am so excited for spring eeeeep!!!

  5. WooHoo for Spring! I'm loving those shorts and sunglasses!
    Thanks for the reminder about day light savings too!

  6. This post is getting me very excited. Minnesota is so cold right now I just want spring and then summer right now! I can't wait anymore! I want to be outside :P


  7. Those glasses! I want those and those wedges. Yes. I like these finds. Can't wait for warmer weather.

  8. What bright and cheery finds! I am SO ready for Spring!!

  9. This post makes me feel incredibly happy :) i love that pillow.

  10. yay for spring! i love everything here, especially the sandals and sunglasses, and the botanical paints, how cool!

  11. love, love love the pillow and WANT IT


  12. just like you i am SOOOO ready for sunshine. love all of these things

  13. I love that mini planter set and the glasses. =0)
    GREAT spring wish list!

  14. Ooh I drooling over the Born wedges! Beautiful!


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