Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let's Talk Glasses // Why I Think Warby Parker Rules

Why I Love Warby Parker Glasses // Bubby and Bean

Although you don't see me wearing specs on a regular basis around here, I do wear them most days.  In fact, I legally can't drive without them.  I wore contacts in college but gave up on them after I moved to Colorado, where I was living at 10,000 feet elevation and my eyes were plagued by constant dryness.  It's been many years since my Colorado days, but I've stuck with glasses ever since.  For me, the biggest downside to being a glasses wearer was that for a long time, I was incredibly frustrated with my eyeglass shopping experiences (ridiculous prices, limited cool frame selection).  That was until I discovered Warby Parker a couple of years ago. 

I've actually been meaning to do a quick post singing the praises of Warby Parker for a while now (like well over a year).  And no - this is not a sponsored post.  I just really dig the company and their product.  I like this to be a place where you guys can come for recommendations, and WP is definitely high on my list.  (I can't tell you how many of my 'real life' friends are equally as obsessed with them now after I nagged them to try them out!)  One of my favorite things about WP is the great system they have in place - they allow you to pick out five frames from their website, which they send to you free of charge to try.  You choose the one you like best, order online, pay $95 (for everything, including shipping), and they arrive in about a week.  So, so easy.  They also have some of the raddest frame choices around. 

My main reason for feeling prompted to write this post was an email I received from Warby Parker the other day that said they'd reached a milestone this summer, by giving away 500,000 glasses to people in need.  I think that's pretty bad ass.  In fact, every single time someone buys a pair of their glasses, they give a pair away.  You can watch a really cool video that they put together about it right here.  

As I type this, I'm wearing the Prestons in Sandalwood Matte.   I've also got my eye on (pun absolutely intended) their new Ocean Avenue Collection, which is so 1970s beachy and just amazing.  I'm thinking it's about time for a new pair. 

Do any of you own Warby Parkers?  What is your favorite place to buy prescription eyewear?

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  1. I love Warby Parker so much that I was sad when my script changed, and I needed new shades. Of course the good news is you can just get new ones through them, but still it wasn't my pair!

  2. So I'm that girl who doesn't need glasses but owns fashion glasses so I can be one of you. This line of specks are super duper chic. And their philanthropy is indeed...bad ass ;)

    Nice shout out to a fave company!

  3. I've heard the best things about this company! I love that they help those in need and I love their selections! The next time I need new glasses I know where I'm going. =)

  4. Ahh I've been wanting a new pair of glasses (so I'm not wearing my RayBans all the time, even though I love them, I'd like to switched it up a little), and actually my boyfriend recently mentioned Warby Parker to me as well. It looks like this merits a little investigation...

  5. I'm on my fifth pair of Warbys and already eyeing my next one!


  6. It always feels great when the brand your support also has a wonderful cause! Congrats to Warby Parker!

  7. I'm supposed to wear glasses all the time, but I never do. Shopping and finding new glasses has always been a chore, so maybe I'll just have to suck it up and try out WP (it's time for some new glasses about now, anyway). =0) I always love it when a company helps those in need. That's why I never complain when my daughter wants a new pair of TOMS.
    Thanks for the info!

  8. I love Warby Parker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I love Warby Parker! I'm a daily glasses wearer, too, not that you'd ever know it; I find I look a bit like a kooky librarian in photos with my glasses, so I always take them off :) I can't do much without my lenses, honestly... my prescrption is so strong my optometrist is threatening to take away my driver's license! Luckily we're not quite there yet :) Still, it makes cool places like Warby Parker a bit more expensive for me... but I still love their frame selection, you can't beat it!


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