Thursday, August 15, 2013

Let's Talk End-of-Summer Sandals

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You guys probably know by now that I'm summer's biggest fan.  I love everything about summertime, from the food and drinks to the parties and road trips to the dresses and shoes (sandals!).  Although the season of sunshine will draw to a close in a few short weeks, I'm still in sandal-shopping mode.  The thing about sandals is that they're the perfect kicks to have on hand year-round, regardless of where you live or what you plan to do.  Taking a warm-weather vaca in the middle of winter?  You're going to need a fun pair of sandals.  Working around your house, garden, or yard?  Flip flops are key.  In the mood to show off your new pedicure (regardless of the weather)?  You have to sport a cute pair of sandals.  Planning an end-of-summer outdoor bash?  Sandals are a hostess's ultimate casual shoe.  And of course, during the months of May through September, the sandal is the star of the show for the everyday.  If you have a few pairs of chic sandals, you're pretty much set in terms of shoes during these months, no matter what you're wearing on top. 

While searching for a new pair of casual, end-of-summer sandals the other day (when you're pregnant, comfy + stylish feet are pretty important; trust me), I spent some time on Reef's website.  It had been a while, and I'm so glad I paid them another visit.  I bought my first pair of Reefs (a pair of vibrant red flip flops) for my first trip to Costa Rica, exactly ten years ago, and I was hooked.  I wore them on the beach, to dinner, exploring new towns, even hiking.  Their shoes last forever, they're supportive, and most importantly, their styles are really cute. I have a few pairs of dressier sandal styles, but I'm thinking that a more casual pair is in order right now, and it looks like Reef is the winner.  I'm leaning toward either the Moonlight Palms Sandals (#1) or the Reef Bright Nights (#3).  But I'm secretly in love with all of the styles I posted above and can't quite make a final decision.

What about you?  Are you on Team Sandal when it comes to the perfect shoes? What's your favorite casual sandal brand?  (And thanks again to Reef for teaming up with me on this post!)

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  1. I live in sandals in the summer time! I love the black & whites in #2. =0)

  2. I'm not a huge fan of flip flops but I am a huge fan of sandals. Especially since I live in Texas and it's pretty much summer here all the time. I really dig these: and I wore them throughout my pregnancy. So comfy!

  3. In my house, I'm flipflops all the way. It can be difficult for me to find a sandal that works with me the way that I want it to (moves with my feet, doesn't make that slappy sound). Last year I found the perfect, flat, leather sandal at Target of all places! They've lasted through every day wear for two summers but I fear I might have to retire them. I worry because I can't find the same ones online right now. Eep!

  4. I'm a huge fan of sandals! So comfy and stylish! My favorites are #1 and #5. I love getting my sandals from Old Navy and JCPenney- they always have great styles and great prices!
    Simply Akshara

  5. I love Reef!!! My boyfriend is big into surfing and they're his favorites, plus their girls styles are so cute!! I have also found cute flipflips at Target. :-D

  6. These are all cute, but I love # 5. So beachy! I agree that it's always a good idea to have a great pair of sandals on hand!

  7. All are super cute. My fave is #7.

  8. Thanks for your comments you guys! Sandal loves unite!

  9. very nice sandals

  10. I know I should be, but I'm definitely not on team sandal - if I need comfortable shoes, I'm all about ballet flats or oxfords. But mostly it's all heels all the time for me. Old habits die hard, I guess ;)

  11. Sorry I'm from Hawaii, so it's slippers. I love wearing slippers all over in the summer! Reef is definitely an awesome brand, but I also recommend Scott, local brand and they are perfect!


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