Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Did YOU Win the Big October Giveaway? (+ Issues With Our Feed)

The Bubby and Bean Big October Giveaway Winner

Thanks again to all of you who entered the Big October Giveaway (our biggest giveaway to date!).  As always, the winner was randomly selected via random.org, and that Bubby and Bean reader is...

CONGRATULATIONS  JENNY! You are now the official recipient of a $430 prize package from She Makes Hats, Gaia Conceptions, Duni's Studio, Private OpeningRoots & Feathers, Little Tree Jo Clark Design, Brave Felicity, and Buttons and Birdcages(Please contact me at bubbyandbean {at} gmail.com so we can discuss getting you your prizes.)

Thanks again to Bubby and Bean's October sponsors for contributing such wonderful prizes!  If you didn't win, stay tuned...  There is another seriously amazing giveaway coming in just a couple of weeks to celebrate Bubby and Bean's three year blog birthday!

One more thing...  There is currently some sort of issue going on with Feedburner that is causing some blogs' feed to be delayed or to not update at all.  This means that if you subscribe to us through Bloglovin', Feedly, email, or any other service that uses our RSS feed, you may not be getting the most recent posts.  Hopefully Feedburner and Blogger will get this fixed quickly, but in the meantime, I recommend visiting the blog directly.  Posts are usually published here around 7 AM every weekday morning.  I'll keep you guys updated.

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  1. Congrats Jenny!

    I am having the same RSS feed problem on and off. Hoping they fix is soon!

    1. I'm sorry to hear you're having the same issue Duni! I hope they resolve it soon.

  2. Congrats Jenny!

    I've noticed this with other blogs as well. Sometimes they show up on my side bar and other times, they are 2-3 days behind.

    1. Maybe it's an issue with Blogger. I hope whatever it is, it's resolved soon!


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