Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DIY Fortune Party Poppers + Happy New Year!

DIY Fortune Party Poppers // Bubby and Bean

Hey again Bubby and Bean readers!  Melissa posted my persimmon muffin recipe for you a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm back again to fill in for her today so she can spend more precious time with the adorable beautiful perfect little lady she just created!  I did this simple DIY for a New Year's Eve party I'll be attending tonight.  If you're celebrating NYE, you can easily and quickly make these today, but they're also perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any kind of celebration. 

1. Cut up old wrapping paper cardboard tubes into two inch sections. (Paper towel or toilet paper tubes work too.)

2. Wrap them with tissue paper and tie off at one end with colorful ribbon (like a Tootsie Roll).  Also cut some strips of decorative patterned paper (for step 4).

3. Using a spoon, fill with confetti and funny good fortunes for the new year. I made my own fortunes but you can find some online.  Or, instead of fortunes, you can use candy.  Tie off other end with ribbon.

4. Wrap the center of tube with decorative paper.

5. Have fun giving them out!

Happy New Year!

Many thank you's to my B.F.F. Jen for covering for me today and sharing this super cute + festive DIY project!  I'll be stopping in here tomorrow (my birthday!) to share a little about our sweet baby's arrival, her name, and a picture or two. This is the first New Year's Eve I can remember where I'll be staying home, and I'm actually pretty excited about it.  Whatever your plans, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  xo, melissa

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  1. So cute and fun! Have to try this! Thanks for sharing :)
    wishing you the happiest and most fulfilling new year ever for 2014!

  2. Fun and Festive. I wonder if I could get away with putting different chores on the fortunes and have the kiddos open one each day to see what they had to get done.

  3. @ Duni~ Thanks so much! They are quick and easy if you want to try them today :) I found old tubes from Xmas wrapping paper works great if you haven't saved toilet paper rolls! Happiest New Years to you as well!!

    @ Raft Tracker~ Chores for the kids is a great idea!! You could try it in the form of resolutions: ie. "this year you are going to keep your room cleaner" or "your going to make your bed every day"!

  4. This is the coolest idea!!! I'm going to make them for my sister's bridal shower!

  5. @anna~ Great idea! You could also put in little candies instead of confetti if you don't want to make a mess in her house :)

  6. What a cute idea!! Happy New Year!! (Baby Bean will be a tax deduction this year, too!)

  7. Thanks for your comments and thanks again to Jen for sharing this awesome project!


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