Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Winter Outerwear Wishlist

Winter Outerwear Wishlist
1. Corey Coat, Andrew Marc  //  2. Nicholas K Noble Check Coat, Free People  //  3. Olive Moss Parka, J.Crew  //  4. Sophie Trench, Andrew Marc  //  5. Boxy Coat, H&M  //  6. Marled Trench Coat, F21  //  7. Hybrid PrimaLoft Coat, Nordstrom  //  8. Oversized Cargo, Free People  

My regular readers are well familiar with the fact that winter is my least favorite season.  And so far, this has been the coldest winter I can remember.  To make things even worse, last month I tried to squeeze my then very pregnant belly into my winter coat, and a button popped off, shot across the room, and cracked in two.  I also busted out a seam.  (It was both amusing and pathetic, let me tell you.)  I was able to temporarily repair it, but the coat has definitely seen better days, and with at least two months of winter weather still ahead, I started thinking that it might just be time for a new one.  Besides, what better way to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation (I'm talking to you, Chicago winter from hell) than with something new and fun to wear? 

Any of the outerwear you see above would make me a very happy lady, winter and all.  I think the front runners are the Sophie (which would make a perfect transition-into-spring jacket and is also 60% off right now!) and the super chic Corey, both from Andrew Marc, and the cheery yellow Boxy Coat from H&M.  They're all very different styles, but each one caught my eye for its gorgeous design.

Have any of you invested in a new winter coat this year?  What are your favorite items from the picks above?

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  1. Yes to the green parka! No new one this year, maybe if I run into one at the sales :-)

  2. We did similar posts today! So funny :) Good blogger taste!

  3. I'm not a big fan of winter either. As we get a lot of sleet I wear a practical waterproof coat in dark red. Cheers me up everytime I wear it :)
    Hope you and Essley are both doing great!

  4. i love # 4. i prefer winter coats that don't look like winter coats, all bulky and puffy.

  5. 2! The cut of it and the plaid fabric are amazing. =)

  6. Wow I love all of them :)

    come check out my latest post,

  7. I love 3 and 8. And kindof all of them...

    Follower from Etsy Blog Team :)

  8. I have far more coats than I need considering the temperature rarely falls below zero in Vancouver, even in the winter... but I just can't resist! I have one similar to the Andrew Marc one that I just love, so I think that would be a great choice. But the Free People checked coat also really caught my eye. As did pretty much all of the coats on the list ;)

  9. Thanks for your comments you guys! Glad you like the coats!

  10. I love #s 4 & 7. They're both great coats that will be in style for years to come.


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