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Post-Partum Style Tips

Post-Partum Style Tips

So very happy to be a guest here as Melissa gets to enjoy sweet baby Essley!

My name is Anna, and I blog over at In Honor of Design. I recently had my third little one, Max, in June and I thought it would be helpful to share some post-partum tips for dressing your best since it can be a challenging time in the closet. After we have a baby, there are many emotional highs and lows. It is one of the most joy filled times, but our bodies are still recovering from the life changing event. Often times our body image conceptions can go through the ringer! I never feel more beautiful than after having a baby... maybe it's because you take part in something so miraculous and I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be in this life. However, I have to mentally accept that my body will go through a lot of changes and I need to give myself due time to re-couperate. It's important to be forgiving of your post baby shape and also wear forgiving clothes! This doesn't mean you have to compromise style along the way though. Here's a few tips that have helped me with my post-partum time!

1. Avoid pieces that are too snug, and go for the feminine and flowy. This is almost a fool proof method for every shape. For instance, you can wear a form fitting top that starts to flow below the bust for a piece that is much more flattering to your figure and forgiving around the waistline. Depending on your shape you can also try an item that is shaping around the waist and flows around the hips.

2. Pay attention to where you wear your prints. Fun colors and patterns don't need to be avoided altogether, just make sure they aren't happening around the wrong places. For instance, you can find a bold dress where the print runs across the bottom trim, and the solid colors run across your waist and hips.

3. Choose the right fabrics! I went though a cotton jersey skirt phase until I realized it really hugs all the wrong places, and is severely unflattering. Oops. Its amazing what a good sheer based material can do on the other hand. Work that with the flow of tip #1 and you have got yourself a winning look.

When you feel your best it can help battle the post baby blues or desire to stay in pajamas all day. I realize I am my best self to those around me when I have taken the time to shower, put on something pretty, and have a good breakfast. It can change your day! Every person is different with the amount of time it takes to recover and get back to your normal routine, so don't compare to anyone, and just enjoy those sweet infant days with your little one!

Thank you Anna for filling in for me here while I care for little Essley (who is 6 days old today!).  Anna has such gorgeous style and an amazing eye for design, and I'm looking forward to trying out some of these tips.  If you're not already a fan of her blog, In Honor of Design, I highly suggest checking it out.  And if you have any post-partum style tips of your own, I'd love to hear them in the comments!  xo, melissa

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  1. Love your style, and great tips! I know I need to do this after baby # 2 comes, cuz even now pregnant all I want to do is sit around in my Pj's!

  2. Ive never had a baby but these are awesome tips for someone trying to lose a little weight too!!!!

  3. I have always loved your style and your tips are great! I think the most important thing (like you mentioned) is being able to mentaly accept that your body is going through these changes. That mind set is currently helping me cope with my baby weight gain. :)

  4. Great advice! And yay for having a new blog to check out. =)

  5. Love that dress and that skirt! This is great advice. One thing I would add is scale. A petite girl with a large print (like this) may not be the best choice either!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  6. What a gorgeous post, Anna - all of these outfits are stunning... it never would have crossed my mind that they were intended to be forgiving if it hadn't been for the tips included with them!

    Congratulations to you, Melissa - and welcome Essley!

  7. Congrats Melissa :)

    come check out my blog,

  8. This is such great advice - Anna always looks lovely (and I'm so happy to have discovered your blog, Melissa!)

  9. Thanks for your comments and thank you again to Anna for sharing such great tips!

  10. I like flowy clothes all the time. =0)
    These are all great tips.


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