Monday, February 10, 2014

Talkin' Toilet Paper + A Clean Care Routine

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Back in November, I did a post on toilet paper.  The post was actually more centered on the concept of holiday entertaining, but it did indeed feature toilet paper.  And guess what?  I'm talking about toilet paper again today.  Yep.  This time though, I'm getting even more personal with you guys and discussing my clean care routine.  (Hey, when you have a newborn, you're suddenly much less concerned with being modest about personal care.  Trust me.  This blog may focus predominately on design and fashion, but it's also a lifestyle blog - and with a new baby, things like toilet paper and cleansing wipes become an appreciated part of your lifestyle pretty quickly.)

After Essley was born and I had some time to recover from labor, I was forced to learn exactly what so many of my friends with babies had warned me about in terms of personal care.  They'd shared stories about days passing without time for showers or getting dressed out of pajamas, and gave me tips for how to quickly feel clean and fresh along the way.  One friend had specifically recommended Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths for the bathroom.  So when I was approached about trying the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine, I was all about it.   I was invited to head over my local Walmart and pick up the wipes along with some Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care toilet paper, incorporate them into my daily routine, and see what I thought. 

After a few days of trying it out, I was sold. It's amazing how the simplest parts of self-care (like quick ways to feel clean and fresh) can become luxuries when you're got a little one.  I've developed a newfound appreciate for bathroom time, and the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine is now an official part of this new mom's daily life.  And really, regardless of whether or not your shower and getting ready schedule has been replaced with feedings, diaper changes, and spit-up, it's important to have a personal clean care routine, right?   My husband has become quite the fan of the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine too.  Three cheers for finding little ways to take care of yourself everyday! 

If you're interested in trying out the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine yourself, here's a little bonus for you. Head into Walmart and purchase both the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and moist Cleansing Cloths any time in the month of February, and you'll receive a $5 Vudu offer. (Vudu is like RedBox and offers HD movies. Woot!)  To receive the offer, just take a picture of the receipt showing that you purchased both items, text or email your picture to [email protected], and you'll receive a response with a code valid for a $5 movie credit. (Click here for more info.)

Newborn in your life or otherwise, what little things do you do to take care of yourself everyday?

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  1. I love those wipes!!! I keep lotion in the bathroom for after washing hands, it's an easy way to take a little extra care of myself!!

  2. We have those wet wipes too. Oh, and you wouldn't believe how important nice and soft toilet paper is for us!

  3. Oh gosh...These wipes come in really handy for kids and toddlers too! We get Cottonelle tp all the time as well, because it's super soft and good for sensitive skin.

  4. This is such an interesting post, Melissa - although I don't have a little one, I have long been a bit of a germophobe and I am obsessed with antibacterial wipes for cleaning. I'd never considered trying them for cleaning myself, too, but the idea is very intriguing! Thanks for sharing ;)


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