Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Searching for Creative Inspiration with Bing Rewards

I spend a lot of time online searching for creative inspiration, both for work and just for fun.  Some of my favorite posts to do here on Bubby and Bean are those that are part of series that feature round-ups of things I come across in those online searches (like cool, creative ideas and recipes in '10 Great', colors I'm currently loving  in 'Color Love', or especially inspiring images like in 'Inspire Me').  I also really enjoy searching for inspiration in my downtime for personal projects, for my travels, for photography ideas, for goodies and nursery ideas for baby Essley, and for images to pin on Pinterest.  Recently, I learned that the search engine Bing has a new rewards program called Bing Rewards that allows you to obtain rewards just for searching the web.  So whenever you search Bing or switch to Bing as your main search engine, you can earn points towards gift cards at places like Starbucks, Hulu, Amazon, and Sephora.  For all of the time I spend searching for inspiration online, this sounded like a pretty great idea to me, so I joined right away (it's free!) and got to searching. 

To sign up for Bing Rewards, all I had to do was sign into Bing one time, and they automatically started to keep track of the rewards I earned.  While searching, I saw that I had easy one-click access to my credit balance, daily tips, and redemptions center, as well as to new offers to earn more credits, bonuses and discounts. I also noticed that there are a bunch of different ways that you can earn reward credits.  You can earn just for searching, or for setting your home page to Bing, or for trying out new features, or taking a product tour to learn tips and tricks to help you find what you are looking for.  I've just started to use Bing for my everyday searching, but I plan to use it a lot more often from now on, which is great for me, because the more you search with Bing the higher your status in the program.  And the higher your status, the more value you get (from discounts in their redemption center to access to exclusive earning opportunities - woot!).  You can also easily redeem your credits at any time in the Rewards Redemption Center.

Since I'm getting ready to leave for a trip to Arizona as I'm working on this post, and hope to take a lot of photographs of my adventures there, I decided to use Bing Rewards to search for some inspiring images of the areas I'll be visiting to help get me motivated.  It was pretty cool to see points accumulate with each search I did, and to get to earn extra points as well.  I even got a point just by picking a goal reward (I'm looking at you, Starbucks card).  I also found so many stunning images that got me excited to take pictures on my trip.  I'm looking forward to using Bing as my search for creative inspiration for other upcoming posts as well (and to continue to earn more rewards credits along the way!).

(Image sources from top:  1, 2, 3)

Oh, and as someone who admittedly spends an excessive amount of time of her iPhone, I should also mention that Bing Rewards is available for iOS.  So yes, I've been using it on my phone as well (hello more credits!).

I am genuinely thrilled to be able to have a way to get inspired and earn rewards for gift cards to some of my favorite brands along the way.  I hope you guys will join me and give Bing Rewards a try!

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