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Make Your Own Baby Wipes (+ More Ways to Save on Baby Products)

Make Your Own Baby Wipes // Bubby and Bean
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As my regular readers know, four months ago, I had a baby girl.  Essley has taught me so many incredible, wonderful things in such a short a time, for which I'm endlessly grateful.  And one of the most important of the lessons she's taught me is this: babies aren't cheap.  Those of you who are moms/dads or aunts/uncles or grandparents know exactly what I'm talking about.  All of those little things you need for baby seriously add up. 

Recently, I picked up the April issue of All You magazine at my local Meijer, and felt really inspired by all of the fun DIYs, spring crafts, and money-saving tips.  So I though that, as a new mom, I'd share some of the ways I save money on baby products with you guys, along with my 'recipe' for DIY baby wipes.  These wipes are not only way less expensive than store-bought varieties, they're also better for your baby's bum than the chemical-laden wipes you can buy.

At the bottom of the post, you'll also find a special coupon for All You Magazine and a giveaway for a $50 gift card to Meijer, to buy the ingredients to make your own DIY baby products or for whatever you'd like!


  • A roll of heavy-duty paper towel
  • A container (I re-used a wipe container.  You can also use a food storage container or any small plastic container.)
  • 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil
  • 1-1/2 tablespoons of natural castile soap and/or natural baby wash
  • 1-1/2 cups hot water (tip: boil the water first to make the wipes stay good longer)

Cut the roll of paper towel in half using a sharp knife or saw.  In a large bowl, mix the coconut oil, soap/baby wash, and hot water until coconut oil is completely melted and everything is well combined.  Place one half of the paper towel (set aside the other half for next time) in the bowl and let sit for at least 30 minutes or until all liquid is thoroughly absorbed.  Remove the cardboard tube from inside of the paper towels and place the towels in your container.  That's it!  You can also use these for adult wipes, as makeup removers, and even for quick clean-ups.

  • CLOTHING: Visit thrift stores and consignment shops for baby clothes.  Most items have only been worn a few times (if that), and you can find really cute outfits for a fraction of the cost of new ones. Also ask friends and family members for hand-me-downs.  Half of Essley's wardrobe consists of hand-me-down items and you'd never know!  Also shop clearance racks at the end of seasons in larger sizes.  I've found some great winter pieces for 75% off (and more) recently in size 12-18 months that she'll be able to wear next winter.
  • DIAPERS: Buy diapers in bulk instead of in small packages (you'll save up to $200 a year), or try cloth diapers (which are also better for the environment).
  • FOOD: Nurse if you can (breast milk is best and it's free!).  If you can't nurse, ask your doctor about coupons and free samples of formula. After 6 months when it's time to start introducing solids, make your own baby food.  It's much cheaper and often more nutritious.
  • TOYS: Make your own toys using household items (my mom cut holes in the top of an oatmeal container and I'd push crumpled paper through the holes; it was my favorite toy!).  Also check out secondhand stores, or set up a toy swap with friends.
  • BATH AND BODY:  Just like the DIY baby wipes I shared, you can make many of your own bath and body, including lotions, baby powders, diaper creams, baby washes and more.  Do a quick search online for recipes.
  • BEDDING: Skip crib bedding sets or bedding extras.  All you need is a crib sheet.  In fact, bumpers and pillows can be dangerous when baby is too young.  
  • BURP CLOTHS:  Buy a 10-pack of plain white cloth diapers.  They work as well as any fancy burp cloth for a fraction of the cost.  You can also cut up receiving blankets and use them as burp clothes.
  • BIBS:  Use toddler sized tshirts instead of buying bibs. Grab a few at a thrift store or yard sale and throw them over your baby's clothing while he or she is eating. They'll be perfect for playtime when baby gets older too. 

For even more money saving tips and fun craft and DIY ideas, head to your local Meijer and grab your copy of All One Magazine.  Here's a special $1 off coupon for the April issue, good while supplies last.

And now, the giveaway!  To enter for your chance to win a $50 gift card to Meijer, just enter your name and email address below.

Do you have any money-saving tips for baby products?  Have you tried making any at home?

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  1. All You keeps life fresh and pretty! And it does it on a budget. For those reasons, I love All You Magazine!

  2. What a great idea!!! I'm going to make some of these for my sisters baby!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway too, fingers crossed!

  3. I haven't tried making wipes, but I really should. I love the idea your favorite toy - oatmeal container and paper. Lots of things around the house make for awesome toys, especially for the curious little minds. I used to play with pots, pans & a wooden spoon (oh yeah, my own drum set at age 1 - I'm sure my mom loved my music!).
    Great tips, and cool giveaway. I think this is the first giveaway I've seen on your blog using a widget like that.

    1. I decided to enter the giveaway. So I'll be honest & say that I don't really buy print magazines that much anymore. But I know that All*You magazine is a good one, with lots of ideas & inspiration.

    2. Yes! Pots and pans as toys is a great tip!

  4. Ooooo I'll have to try these as a makeup remover! Great tips!

  5. Jack loves cardboard boxes, they makes the best and cheapest toys! I love the baby wipe recipe. I made my own baby lotion with coconut oil and a touch of lavender essential oil, he loves it!

  6. Thanks for your comments you guys. Glad you like the idea!

  7. Thanks for sharing the recipe! We love us some wipes, I'll have to try making our own!

  8. such a cute idea, love it! everything is better when you do it yourself. especially when it comes to the baby!

  9. I love all you because it is perfect for my lifestyle and keeps me up to date and all on a budget:)

  10. I like All You for their frugal tips.

    emilynwins at gmail dot com

  11. I like All You because it has a little bit of everything!


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