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My Style // Getting Back Into the Swing

Postpartum Style // Bubby and Bean

Here it is you guys. My first postpartum 'My Style' post, three months after Essley was born.  In fact, this is my first outfit post in four months if we're counting, as my last one was at the end of November, almost a month to the day before I had the baby.  There are several reasons behind this unplanned hiatus.  A horrendous winter isn't exactly conducive to outdoor photo shoots, I've been at a weird in-between size with clothes, and having a newborn makes it a lot more difficult to run out and take pictures.  Finally though, my regular clothes are beginning to fit again, the weather is warming up, and Essley is becoming easier and easier to bring with me on outings.  And last week, on a day where the sun shone just enough to ignite the spark in me to take Essley for a walk in the park, we brought along the camera and snapped some shots of what I'm fairly certain is my new favorite outfit.

I picked up this dress (which I love beyond description, by the way) from Free People on my recent Arizona trip.  I really, really wanted it, but just couldn't make a decision whether or not to go through with the purchase.  So my mom and mother-in-law, who joined Essley and me for a girls' day shopping trip, came to the dressing room and proclaimed that since I gave them a grandchild, they were going to give me this beautiful dress as my first official post-baby outfit.  And that means that in addition to the fact that the fabric, cut, drape, and style of the dress are absolutely perfection in every way, it will always have a special meaning as well.  I don't think this is the last time you'll see me wearing it either.  I plan to remix the crap out of it all spring, summer, and fall long. 

 photo melissa_baswell_williams_zps8e51548b.png

You may recognize the hat and boots from other outfit posts, as they've become sort of year-round staples for me.  I was being a little brave with the bare legs this day (there may have been goosebumps, but I was determined), but the boots kept my tootsies warm whenever a breeze came by.  I have always been a fan of boots paired with short dresses, from bohemian outfits like this to 1960s mod ensembles to edgy, modern looks.  It just works.  The long necklace and earrings both come from my pal Laura over at Roots and Feathers, the shorter necklace from my pal Jade over at Jade Stone Jewelry, and one of the bracelets (the others were gifts) from the sweet Lisa Leonard.  (Lots of talented women being showcased in the accessory department here!)

 photo dreamy_daze_dress_zps85412009.png

Essley will most likely not be a regular part of the My Style posts around here, but there is always the chance she'll sneak in from time to time.  She was all sorts of curious of what mommy was doing in those fields while daddy snapped photos, so at the end, she officially joined me for her first ever outfit shoot.  Her dress was an impulse buy back in November.  I got it for her 'coming home' outfit, which looking back is hilarious, because I clearly had absolutely no idea of a newborn baby's sizing.  (Let's just say that even at 8+ pounds, we could have fit at least three Essley's in it had we gone ahead with plans for her to wear it home from the hospital).  The leggings (which are 12 months - my little lady is long) were a gift from her grandma, and the adorable moccasins are Freshly-Picked. This is probably one of my favorite outfits of hers, and I'm glad we captured it, because in a week or two she'll probably have outgrown it already.

Dress: Free People  //  Boots: c/o Blowfish  //  Hat: Target  
Earrings + Long Necklace: c/o Roots & Feathers  //  Rings: gifts + F21 
 Copper Necklace: c/o Jade Stone Jewelry  //  Bracelets: gifts + c/o Lisa Leonard  
 Essley Dress: Old Navy  //  Essley Shoes: Freshly-Picked  // Essley Leggings: Target

It was nice to get back into the swing of things and feel somewhat 'normal' again (if having photos taken of yourself in public can be considered normal).  I'm looking forward to getting back into a regular routine with sharing outfits around here, especially as the weather improves.  Three cheers for spring!   

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  1. That dress is fantastic! I like it when things are a mix of black and brown because you can wear them with anything. I'm currently looking for a watch with the same qualities, haha.

    And of course, Essley looks like a little peach!

  2. Oh, that dress is so pretty, and exactly my style!

    Question: how do you manage to nurse in that, logistically? Do you? (I'm pregnant and due this week, so I don't want to get clothing that I can't breastfeed in, even if it's gorgeous!)

    1. Absolutely! I just lift it up! Obviously as with any dress, if I'm not wearing leggings, I'm not going to breastfeed in public in it, but if I'm wearing something like this out with the baby and it's going to be more than a couple of hours, I just pump a bottle to bring with me. After a few week with your little one (congrats by the way!), you'll start to get into your groove with the nursing/fashion balance and find a happy medium. Nice loose dresses like this are my go-to.

    2. Thanks for the feedback! :)

      I'll flag it and wait until things settle a bit before buying, I think - but that's a really good option, and it's so very cute!

  3. Oh my gosh soooo cuuute!!! I love that dress and baby's dress and shoes!! :-D

  4. Absolutely LOVE the dress, and I'm so glad that your mom and mom-in-law spoiled you with it. Extra special meaning makes it even more perfect. Plus, you just look fabulous (as always). I love all the jewelry, especially the necklace from Roots & Feathers.
    I'm so happy to see Essley showing off her little style post too! Essley Style could be a new once in awhile series that I'm sure we would all love to see. =0)

  5. The dress is lovely! I can see why it's your favourite for the next two seasons.
    The accessories look wonderful too! And congrats on Essley's first outfit post ;-)

  6. You are the loveliest and most stylish new mama around, Melissa. You definitely needed that dress, I'm glad your mom and mother-in-law teamed up to bring it into your wardrobe :)

  7. Work it! You're looking awesome and congrats on your baby!

  8. You look fantastic Melissa! That dress is super cute.

  9. I love this outfit and Essley's too! You look great!

  10. The two most beautiful girls I know! Can't wait to see you soon!

  11. You both look adorable and I love love love that dress! (It's also so nice that now it has a special meaning.)
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  12. Thanks so much for your comments everybody!


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