Monday, April 28, 2014

Under the Stars // A Camping Wishlist

A Camping Wishlist // Bubby and Bean
1. Camp Brand Goods Happy Camper Tank Top, UO  //  2. Opinel Folding Saw, Brook Farm General Store  //  3. Stanley Classic Thermos, Target  //  4. Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag, Target  // 5. Camp Get Enough Sandwich Maker, Modcloth  // 6. UCO Original Candle Lantern, The Clymb  //  7. Camp Chef Cast Iron Teapot, Kohls  //  8. Cascade Glacier Trail Crew Liquid Soap, Juniper Ridge //  9. Light My Fire 6-Piece Meal Kit, The Clymb  //  10. Trail Remix Radio, Modcloth  //  11. Alps Mountaineering Morado 2, The Clymb 

Although we're only a month into spring here in the northern hemisphere, and the weather of the midwest is only just beginning to climb into non-winter temps, I can already feel myself itching for a camping trip.  The art of camping, in one way or another, fills an almost infinite number of summer memories for me.  I remember sitting aside the lake with my parents in Door County, Wisconsin, maybe 3 years old, eating s'mores we'd just made on the fire, listening to the waves.  I remember on my first road trip to New York City spending a couple of days in a tiny tent deep in the Pennsylvania forest, cooking veggie burgers on a camping stove and making big city to do lists with my girlfriends.  I remember hiking deep into the Rocky Mountains on an impromptu midsummer Colorado adventure, and waking up in the morning to the sweet smell of sage after a night of barefoot dancing and the deepest sleep under a massive sky. 

Now that I have a four month old baby, I'm not quite sure if camping will play a role in this summer's festivities.  But that hasn't stopped me from daydreaming about being back under the stars - or perusing around online for gear and compiling this camping-themed wishlist.  I'm pretty minimalistic when it comes to camping, and although I like to be comfortable, I can usually make do pretty well without a lot of extras.  I do think that there are certain pieces of camping gear that can make or break your experience though, like your tent and sleeping bag. I'd love a small, high quality tent like #11 from The Clymb, and an equal parts practical/affordable/cute sleeping bag like #4 above, from Target.  And because I'm not one to turn down fun details in any experience, I've also included some more trivial goodies, like #1 from Camp Brand Goods, and #10 from  Modcloth.

Whether you're a seasoned outdoors enthusiast who likes to rough it or someone who prefers a slightly more pampered/less rustic experience, I hope that this little roundup inspires the summertime camper in you.

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  1. I am not outdoorsy, but I do like the teapot and the radio!

  2. I like that little radio..and I guess I prefer glamping vs. camping ;-)

  3. We had an RV when I was a child, so camping in a tent doesn't appeal to me, but I am a big fan of making S'mores. :D

  4. Would you believe that the last time I went camping was ten years ago - and it was only the second time in my life? {And that I went under duress?} Suffice it to say, the outdoors and I are not a particularly good match. I love the romantic notion of camping; the toasted marshmallows, the fire lighting up the darkness, the gamboling bunnies and chirping chipmunks... But for me, it's just that, a lovely notion :)

  5. I loooove camping, adventures and everything that has to do with beeing outdoor, just you and your backpack :)

  6. I can't wait for camping too, I love going with a big group of friends and exploring and just relaxing!!! That sleeping bag is the cutest!! :-D

  7. I adore the camping tank, and that castiron teapot is so cool. I love camping!

  8. I've been dying to go camping...maybe I'll make it this summer!

    feathers and ash

  9. This is fun! I'd also add a good sleeping pad and warm socks. Looks like you've got the rest covered!

  10. Thanks for your comments everybody! Three cheers for camping!

  11. Love the old thermos :) And the blue meal set is fun!


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