Monday, May 5, 2014

Life Lately (In Snapshots)

1. taking essley to visit the tibetan buddhist center where i used to live last month was one of the highights of my year thusfar  //  2. sometimes the only thing that gets this one to sleep is walk-walk-walking  //  3. arizona in march was amazing  //  4. essley digs bill murray (thanks truly sanctuary!)  //  5. essley meeting the very special Geshe La for the first time  //  6. road trips to indianapolis aren't complete without a windfarm shot  //  7. this kid loves a good old-fashioned sink bath  //  8. this white and gold mani that morgan gave me may be my all-time favorite  //  9. dying easter eggs never gets old  //  10. in february we chopped 4 inches.  in april we chopped 5 more.  the shortest my hair has ever been, folks. (also, i cannot take a selfie where i don't look like a creepy robot, fyi) //  11. i got a pretty rad gift from the bathory and took the best bath of my life  //  12. essley and i fufilled yet another blogger stereotype and bought an excessive amount of succulents  //  13. this one learned to roll over (thanks for the onesie, hello apparel!)  //  14. i made a banner for the nursery from chipboard and spray paint. woot!  //  15. brunching in the burbs with friends makes for the best sundays  //  16. i love her more everyday  

Once again, three months have passed since my last 'life lately' update.  Three to the day, actually.  (For new readers, these posts document some bits and pieces of recent day-to-day life via good ol' non-fancy cell phone pictures.)  Last time I blamed the lapse in these posts on the holidays and business madness and Essley's birth and having a newborn, and explained that I'd been so focused on all the 'big things' happening that I hadn't really stopped and paid attention to the small things.  Funny enough, this time, I think the opposite is true.  There haven't been a ton of big moments (you know, aside from things that are big only to me, like Essley rolling over or sleeping for more than a two-hour stretch; or me busting out a big work project while baby naps or finding time to shower more than twice a week).  So maybe this time I subconsciously assumed that things have mostly been too boring to share here.  Really though, I think that more than anything, these updates have become so few and far between because I'm utilizing Instagram more and more for sharing those quick personal moments.  It's become my favorite social media outlet, by far.  Whether or not this will be my last 'life lately' post I'm not sure, but if you do want to continue to follow along, please come join me over there.  I'm under user name bubbyandbean.

For those of you who blog, do you tend to share the more personal daily moments on your blogs or on Instagram (or both)?

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  1. Essley is a cutie patootie!! I loved it when I could bathe my kids in the sink -- they loved the vegie sprayer! Now that my son is 6'1" and my daughter 5'9" I don't think they'd fit anymore!!

  2. wow the buddhist center looks so cool. your daughter is really cute. i need to get instagram. i keeping telling myself i'll spend too much time on it like pinterest but it seems like it's where everyone is these days.

  3. Cute pics! Love the Bill Murray onesie!
    Also, that's the shortest your hair has ever been? Really? My hair has been shaved, chopped, pixied, bobbed, and every possible length to halfway down my back, which is what it is right now. I need a haircut! :)

    1. Yep! It's now shoulder length and it's the shortest it's ever been in my adult life (I did have a chin bowl cut as a child of the '80s), even after I had dreadlocks and had to cut the majority of it off. It's a major change for me. Pretty silly, huh? :)

  4. I've been starting to use Instagram more and more, and I'm liking it! Sometimes I do feel that I miss out on things from some of my favorites (if I don't see them in my feed), so that's why I appreciate that you still post your Life Lately series, even if not so often. I sometimes share to Instagram and then later post to the blog as well, so then instagram serves as a "sneak peek," so to speak. But I also share some stuff on IG that I don't put on the blog at all (like the pic of my "camera shy" toddler - ha). Twitter was my most favorite social site, but now I use IG just as much. =0)

  5. Oh, Essley! You are such a baby doll!! I know you are super proud of her, Melissa! Thank you for sharing all of these sweet moments with us - I love following your journey.

    I may be the only person on the planet without an Instagram, so I just share on my blog...sometimes a bit on Twitter. :)

    Hope you guys are having a great start to the week!

    Lots of love,

  6. Instagram is such a great way to capture those every day moments - and I wonder if maybe it does contribute, in some ways, to our increased focus on the small stuff... but also to our hyper-consciousness about what others might find interesting in our lives. It's all about finding a blanace, I guess. But then again, I love instagram - might even be a bit addicted :)
    PS: We're iPhone case twins! Great minds.

  7. I love your new haircut. I need to see a hairdresser. Soon!

  8. The shorter hairstyle totally suits you!! I have to get into the habit of checking instagram. LOVE the pics of Essley :)

  9. Ahhh, your hair looks amazing! Good decision. :)

  10. Essley is so pretty! And I love your hair cut. I need a hair cut. I like these posts, I hope you keep doing them. =)

  11. Thanks for your comments you guys! And for the kind words about my chopped mop. :)

  12. Essley is so cute! I love the name banner, I'm making a similar one for my little one's nursery :)

    Once a month a do a post called "#moments" where I pick a few of my favorite Instagram snaps so I guess I blog and Instagram them. But it's fun to highlight my favorite photos in a post and give a little more detail with them. It's also an easy post to put up during a busy week.

    - Abby
    p.s. found you via Jenny Highsmith's blog :)


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