Monday, May 12, 2014

My Style // Sunset at the Park

It's been a few weeks since I posted last 'My Style' post (my first since Essley was born in December!), so I thought it was about time for another.  The weather is continuing to get better and better (finally, dude), and I'm fitting back into more of my regular, non-maternity clothes, so I plan to get back into doing outfit posts on a more regular basis again.  Despite the fact that I still can't go a day without changing my clothing multiple times due to factors most often involving baby spit-up/drool/poop, I have been making more of an effort to get dressed in outfits I love (instead of just leggings and sloppy tees).  Sometimes I also put on make up, and maybe even shower.  It feels pretty great.  I also recently got my hair chopped off, into a 'long bob' - the shortest it's ever been.  I admittedly had a moment afterward where I freaked out, until I realized that (A) it's just hair and (B) I actually like it.  I'm tempted to even go a little shorter next time.  Such bravery, Melissa.  We'll see.

We've had some deliciously warm weather over the past week (even with the rain), and decided to go for a walk in our favorite park a few evenings ago.  I love taking photographs here because it feels like an escape.  There are acres and acres of fields and forests and it reminds me of when I used to live in Oregon, where there was about 5783.416 times more open space than there is in Illinois.  And the sunsets here are incredible.

This was the first day this year, aside from when I was in Arizona, that I've worn shorts, and despite my ghostly pale legs, it was a really wonderful feeling to be able to shed my daily leggings uniform.  It was also the first time I've been able to wear the printed tank top (another great Target score) since Arizona.  I was legitimately excited about this, since I bought it months ago and the lingering winter forced it to hide in a drawer.  I have worn the crocheted sweater several times since I got it in March, but I think I like it best paired with more summery clothes like this.  (We won't get into the fact that my husband thinks it looks like a giant creepy spider web.  What does he know anyway?)  The fringe ankle boots, from Minnetonka, have appeared in multiple other outfit posts, simply because I adore the things.  They're my favorite springtime kicks.

I don't usually post about the makeup I'm wearing in style posts, unless it's something all risky-like for me (ie bright red lipstick), but I just have to rave for a minute about my new mascara, as seen in the photo above.  It's more than mascara, really - it's Younique's Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, ya'll.  My pal Heather, who I've known since we were in the musical Annie together back in middle school ('It's a hard knock life, for us!'), sells it and you guys, it's amazing.  I don't say this lightly.  It comes in this cute little case with a tube of gel and a tube of natural fibers and it makes your lashes look all sorts of long and thick.  I've been wearing it everyday, and a friend even asked me if I'd gotten eyelash extensions - which for someone with the skimpiest lashes ever is a big freaking deal.  It rules. You can get some of your very own right here.

Printed tank: Target  //  Black Layering Tank: Target  //  Shoes: c/o Minnetonka 
Crocheted Cardi: F21  //  Jean Shorts: old  //  Essley Necklace: Best Name Necklace  
Earrings: c/o Roots & Feathers  //  Bracelets: gifts + c/o Lisa Leonard  
Triangle Necklace: Gift  //  Fiber Lashes Mascara: c/o Younique

I know I keep saying this, but man is it nice to be getting dressed in regular, non-maternity clothes again (and having awkward photos of myself taken in public places, just like old times).  Stay tuned for more regular 'My Style' posts in the coming weeks.   

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  1. Hasn't this weather been just epic? I've spent so much time outside! I hear it's supposed to cool off again tomorrow (ugh) but I don't think it will last long.

    You new hair looks adorable, too. Probably way easier with little hands grabbing at things, haha.

  2. You look great! Lovely pictures:)

  3. I love your hair!! That mascara looks amazing!!!! The crocheted sweater is super cute also, it doesn't look like a spider web lol.

  4. You are such a stunner, Melissa! The long bob haircut suits you beautifully - those waves! Love. And these sunny sunset photos are just breathtaking. And... yes, I am gushing... I can't not mention your mascara because when I first saw the close-up of your eye, I was pretty sure you had lashes on. Imagine my surprise when I read a little further!

  5. I am loving that printed tank paired with the crocheted cardigan. Way too cute!
    That younique fiber lashes stuff sounds pretty good (I have skimpy lashes). Thanks for the linky to that. I'm pinning it for later.

  6. Oh yay, excited to hear you'll be doing style posts a little more often! I adore how you dress + oh my goodness, that mascara... totally thought you were wearing falsies. I'm thinking I might need to grab it. What beautiful results!! Wishing you a fab day, lovey! xoxo

  7. You look beautiful! I love the tank and the sweater and the shoes. It's the perfect spring look! =)

  8. I love your spider web sweater. And your new do and your sexy lashes and you! xx

  9. You look super cute!

    And that mascara looks amazing. When I get to needing some, I will have to consider trying this!

    feathers and ash

  10. Such pretty scenery and I love how cute and casual this look is. I'm pregnant and I'm already living in baggy t-shirts and sweatpants so I'm sure it'll only get worse as a mom, but hopefully 6 months later I'll look like you haha!

  11. Thank you for your comments and sweet words you guys! They're very appreciated. xo, m

  12. You look beautiful! The crocheted jacket is great and the Essley necklace is a sweet touch! Unfortunately we've gone back to single digit temps over here, so no shorts for me...

  13. you seriously look stunning. you're such a babe! love you sis


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