Monday, June 16, 2014

Searching for Summer Party Dresses Online

Searching for Summer Party Dresses Online // Bubby and Bean

I know I'm not the only one who thinks that going clothes shopping just for fun feels like a whole different world than shopping for a clothing item that you actually need.  You guys know what I'm talking about.  If you're spending your Saturday afternoon browsing shops with your best friend and an iced latte, it's a leisurely, enjoyable activity.  If you're spending your Saturday afternoon rushing from store to store to look for something to wear to a wedding next week, it's stressful and feels like work.

I have a couple events to attend this summer for which I'll need a cute, classic party dress. When it comes to dresses, most of my closet consists of casual, more bohemian styles that won't be appropriate.  But I've been dreading having to go out shopping store after store with the baby in tow to try to find something that will work.  So I decided to try to find something online instead (from the comfort of my very own couch, thank you very much). 

Lucky for me, I was able to find a whole bunch of seriously stunning dresses online by Review Australia.  The styles they offer are feminine, well-tailored, and fun, and perfect for a summertime dinner party or outdoor wedding.  (They also carry a lot of pieces that would work well for the office or a date.)  The dresses you see above are my favorites from Review Australia's collection.  Although they're different than what I usually consider to be my style, they're so pretty and timeless that I know I'll be able to wear them often, beyond just the party occasions I'll be attending this summer.

If you're searching for a summer party dress for an event or just a lovely new dress to wear, save yourself the stressful shopping trip and check out Review Australia's selection on their website.  I'm glad I did.  Now I just have to decide which one is the winner.  Which style above is your favorite?

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  1. Lovely finds, I like the floral ones!

  2. Sweet dresses! I like shopping online too, except for shoes. These I really need to try on. If I had to pick one, I'd go for #4 :)

  3. I love dress 4 so much ,lovely dresses ♥

  4. Ooooh...I like #1, 5 and 8. =0) So pretty!

  5. I love #4, #6, and #8. I feel like dress 8 is very versatile and I could definitely get away with wearing it at work

  6. What a cute selection of dresses! Of course, because I'm predictable, number five is my favourite, but I can really picture you wearing the first one beautifully. I have three weddings coming up starting in August but I'm a bridesmaid in two, which, if nothing else, does make dressing for them easier!

  7. These are really cute dresses! I have been into lots of dresses lately so I'm always looking for some cue ones.

  8. We have several weddings this summer, so this post is perfect! I love #2...maybe in pink :)

  9. Spring dresses have got to be one of my favorite things. I really like #4 - I really love bright colors.

  10. I would love to own all of them. Such adorable party dresses they are. The belts on these dresses look so cute. I personally love floral prints and thus, the pink and orange and the red and black pieces have augmented my craving to add all these costumes in my wardrobe. Angelic collection of frocks! Some of them even make for elegant wedding dresses.


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