Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Favorite Nail Polishes, Summer 2014 Edition

By Beauty Contributor Morgan Rainwater

Our Favorite Nail Polishes, Summer 2014 Edition // Bubby and Bean
1. 'I'm Addicted' Nail Color, Essie  //  2. 'Snow Me White' Nail Color, Sinful Colors  //  3. 'Cocktail Bling' Nail Color, Essie  //  4. 'Electric Lane' Top Coat, Nails, Inc.  //  5. 'Penny Talk' Nail Color, Essie  //  6. 'Top Seal' Top Coat, Nail Bliss  

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday evening in an an effort to clear out my mind for a new school week (I'm a high school teacher by day) is to paint my nails.  I find it extremely relaxing, and my students love to see what I've done each week.  I was introduced to my favorite brand of polish, Essie, years ago and I've been hooked ever since.  There are a few other brands I use as well, and I probably pick up a new bottle every other week.  My husband enjoys teasing me when I show him my new weekly score: "Don't you have that color already?" Clearly he just doesn't understand the subtle shade differences that I find so incredibly important. ;)

My current favorite is from Essie's 2014 neons collection.  It's called I'm Addicted, which seems rather fitting.  I also love shades of grey, and Essie's Cocktail Bling is awesome.  Although it tops my list for polish brands, Essie is on the high end of the price scale at around $8.50 a bottle, which can add up over time.  If you're on a budget, I've also had a lot of luck with a brand called Sinful Colors (I'm loving Snow Me White right now).  They make hundreds of colors and you can find them many places for $1.99. 

And don't forget the top coat.  Like some bling?  My favorite glitter polish is made by Nails Inc.,  called Electric Lane.  It is a holographic top coat that just looks like silver glitter in regular light, but the second the sun or bright light hits it, it looks like someone turned on the Christmas lights.  The best regular top coat ever is called Top Seal by Nail Bliss and can be found at Sally Beauty Supply.  It will make your polish shine and keeps it chip free for at least a week.

Who else is a nail polish fiend?  I'd love to hear your current favorite shades and brands! - Morgan

Thank you to Morgan for this great roundup of her current favorite nail polish picks!  In addition to sharing her regular favorites, tips, and tutorials as Bubby & Bean's Beauty Contributor, Morgan is a high school Psychology and Sociology teacher, who, in her free time, can be found gardening, cooking (you can see some of her recipes here), drinking wine, or moonlighting as an amateur makeup artist.  

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  1. That holographic topcoat looks so cool! I use mostly Essie too but I also like OPI.

  2. I love those colors! But, because I often wear those colors a lot of I have been moving away from them for my nails. I just had a manicure the other day I opted for a mustard yellow. I absolutely love it.

  3. Love doing at home manicures and these are all such gorgeous colours. Especially loving the two Essie shades!! <3

  4. I love all of these colors! I've done Morgan's manicure DIY from last year a couple of times and was excited to see this post. =)

  5. Just painted my nails :-) To me it's some sort of meditation, does that sound weird?

  6. I definitely qualify as a nailpolish fiend - my collection of colours is at around 50 right now, but it never stops growing! Like you, Essie is my brand of choice. I haven't checked out their summer collection yet but rarely a month goes by that I don't wear Chinchilly for at least a week. I'm also loving Chanel's May right now - it's the prettiest pink!

  7. I love #1! So into that pretty color lately.

  8. Great selection!
    I m a big fan of Essie Nailpolishes!

  9. Penny Talk is Sooo pretty! I need to get some of that sparkly top coat too.

  10. essie is my favorite brand too! people think im crazy when they see my collection but i love how easy it is to just change it up all the time -- and cocktail bling is now on my list of to-buys!

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  11. That top combo is seriously amazing. So fresh!

  12. I lovelovelove nail polish. I am *obsessed* with nail polish. I need "I'm Addicted". What a perfect Summer color!

  13. I love nail polish as well, my favourit colour at the moment is redish, not too strong though...
    But I really need to get a white one, too :)
    Thanks for the inspiration ;)


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