Monday, August 11, 2014

Bathroom Vanity Love

The Best Modern Bathroom Vanities // Bubby and Bean

If I had to label any particular room in our house as the least interesting, I would undoubtedly choose the upstairs bathroom.  It's our only full bath, and although it gets us by just fine, it's incredibly boring design wise.  The half bath downstairs is small enough that I've been able to transform it into something more fun by adding little touches here and there (like replacing the awful oval mirror with a colorful handmade tile one).  But the upstairs bath, aside from a table and a couple of art prints, resembles a painfully generic model home bathroom in almost every way.

I can confidently say that I know of one thing that would give this sad little bathroom exactly the makeover it so desperately needs: a new vanity set.  There are a few that I'm particularly loving (all from, who sells the most gorgeous modern bathroom vanities and other home goods), as seen above.  I'm especially a fan of #4 and #6.  Some are admittedly more practical than others in a house of two adults and a baby, but I'm really digging the simple, contemporary design of each of them.  And I have a perfect vision in my head of how stunning my bathroom would be if any of them became a part of it.  A girl can dream (even about bathrooms), right?

Which vanity set is your favorite?  Any tips from transforming a boring bathroom on a budget?

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  1. I love would actually fit in our tiny bathroom. Some of these would work in other areas of the house as well...they remind me of file cabinets :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart s
    I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntingtons Disease.

  3. I love the double sink solution! Even in the bathroom I need lots of storage, so I really love the last one!

  4. I like #9. Hello, storage!

    As far as transforming things on a budget, we did our upstairs bathroom for around $250. We changed the countertop, faucet, mirror, light fixture, and we painted the walls. No major demo, but it still looks like a totally different space.

    1. I remember your bathroom renovation last summer. It looked great!

  5. Number 3 is gorgeous, I love the paint color too. Any of these would make my bathroom look much sleeker than its current state, lol =)

  6. I have dreams of making over our bathroom. Long, delightful dreams - so yes, a girl definitely can dream about bathrooms :) The previous owners of our place loved colour; earth tones, specifically. Our bathroom is currently decorated in blue and brown, with a wooden vanity set. Definitely not my cup of tea. I'd much prefer something in black and white, with a minimal - or possibly slightly ornate - style. Any of these sets would be a beautiful replacement for what wehave now :)

  7. Thanks for your comments you guys! Maybe one of these days I'll actually get one of these. Stay tuned...


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