Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Favorites // Mama + Baby Outerwear

Fall Favorites: Mama + Baby Outerwear // Bubby and Bean

The official first day of fall is just a week away, and here in the Chicago area, the temperatures are starting to prove it. The last few days have been in the 60s, and we hosted a dinner party on Friday where the lows were in the 40s, which felt slightly unbearable when we tried to hang out on our deck. I may not be ready to say goodbye to summer, but like it or not, warmer threads are going to be necessary sooner than later. And the recent chilly weather made me realize that neither Essley nor I have any warm outerwear for this season. She has (obviously) outgrown last winter's clothing (and this is her first fall), and my only real coat/jacket lost several buttons and popped a seam last year, thanks to my at the time very pregnant belly. It is officially time to grab something new for both of us.

The adorable baby girl coats and gorgeous womens coats and jackets you see above all come from a wonderful brand called Joules that is based out of the UK. For three decades, they have been devoted to crafting the highest quality clothing designed to capture the true essence of British style. And recently, they've crossed the pond to become available here in the USA too. I really love their use of color and cute prints, and I appreciate their commitment to quality over the fast, poorly produced pieces that are so prevalent today. In addition to their outerwear, they make clothing, accessories, and footwear for women, men, children, and babe. I'm seriously crushing on all their little girl clothes and their women's rain boots.

Now I just have to decide which coats to buy. Which ones are your favorite? Have you gotten any new fall/winter outerwear yet this season?

This post is in collaboration with Joules.

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  1. Those girl's coats are adorable! I like the floral one :) #3 looks similar to the parka I'm currently wearing!!

  2. I love 3 and 7, both so pretty!!!

  3. Oh my god, that insane collar on #2 is amazing. My nose would never be cold again! And I could peer out over the top of it and pretend to be mysterious. :-)

  4. I just went to the Joules store in Edinburgh it was so cute! I can't get on board with how much white they use for the youngsters though.

  5. SO cute!! Love all the little girls' options. The floral is my fave, but also love the stripes with the cute little ears. And the big girl coats are cool, too. My fave is the purple polka dot, mostly because I'm a purple sort of person with a penchant for polka dots.

  6. That first coat is gorgeous! Want! All the baby coats are adorable too.

  7. Ugh...I can't believe it's almost coat season. I'm so not ready! But at least there are cute choices this fall. They all look so cozy and the cute little pink ones are great :)

  8. I can just picture you and Essley in any combination of these jackets! But I have to admit, I have a soft spot for number two in both selections :)

  9. Thanks for your comments everybody! It's so hard to choose when they're all so cute!

  10. Those coats are gorgeous
    especially those for the little ones.

  11. I like #1 because it's black and I'm simple like that. For baby I like #5. =0)
    Great choices.


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