Friday, September 19, 2014

Let's Talk Eco-Friendly Furniture (+ My Favorite Pieces)

1. Alex Nightstand (handmade from reclaimed demolition hardwoods), Tansu //  2. Zudu Asymmetrical Corner Sofa (made with recycled teak and recycled Sunbrella fabrics), Mamagreen  //  3. Aria 6-Drawer Dresser (handmade from eco-friendly bamboo), Tansu //  4. Great Wall Bookcase (handmade from eco-friendly plantation grown mahogany), Tansu  //  5. Eco-Natura Roma Dining Table (made from CARB compliant and VOC-free materials), Inmod  //  6. Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair (made from VOC-free, recyclable fiberglass), Herman Miller Store //  7. Mid-Century Modern Platform Bed (made from sustainable bamboo), Bambeco  //  8. Lotus Console (made from sustainable bamboo), Tansu //  9. Randy Nightstand (handmade from sustainable bamboo), Tanua  

I know, I know. It's gotten all home-themed post crazy up in here lately. Don't worry, there are plenty more style and food and DIY posts on the calendar too (I'm going a little DIY crazy next week, as a matter of fact). But as I mentioned in a recent post, this time of year just seems to get me in a home improvement sort of mood. As the weather and seasons shift into a period where we're spending more time indoors, all cozied up and stuff, I think it's natural (at least in my mind) to want to focus more on your living space. And lately, my focus has been on furniture that has sustainability in mind.

As many of you know, I designed for an eco-friendly clothing line for 15 years. And although we are (sadly) in the process of closing it down, I've learned so much over the past decade and a half about earth-conscious design, and the different industries in which it can be applied. When it comes to furniture, there is a lot of consider - from whether the materials are sustainable to how well a piece was made and how long it will last to if it was produced locally or via fair trade practices. I'll be the first to admit that I own my fair share of furniture from places (like the blue and yellow palace, ahem) that isn't exactly made to last decades - but if I'm actively looking for a furniture item, I always pay attention to what aspects of a piece may or may not be sustainable.

The pieces you see above as some of my recent favorite eco-friendly furniture finds, along with a brief note next to each link explaining what makes them earth conscious. I've been on the look-out for new nightstands, and I especially love #1 from Tansu. I'm all about the rustic vibe and the fact that it's made from reclaimed woods. So beautiful.

Which is your favorite? Do you consider sustainability when looking for furniture?



  1. I love that fun shelving unit! (I just wouldn't want to have to dust
    I'm loving all the cool furniture pieces made from recycled wooden pallets too. I used to see these thrown away on a daily basis when I worked in a factory. It's nice to see so many cool ways to give them a new life :)

  2. Um, I will take numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. Please and thank you.

    I took a class on green design when I was in school and for part of our final project I had to pull eco-friendly furniture for the house we designed together. There's some great looking stuff out there.

  3. # 4 is the coolest bookshelf i've ever seen.

  4. I like pieces made from sustainable wood and have natural finishes! Nr. 1 is my favourite :)

  5. The Aria dresser is unbelieveably gorgeous. I do think it's important to consider materials when looking at furniture. I always lean toward eco friendly when it's available.

  6. Either of those night stands would be perfect in our bedroom!!! I love that they're reclaimed wood, so cool!! :-)

  7. I was dreaming of the Eames chairs for years, and when I got the keys to my apartment, the first thing I treated myself to, where THE chairs. So those are my favourite! But I am digging that dining table too :-)

  8. I agree, I definitely want that nightstand too!

  9. When it comes to furniture shopping, it never occurred to me that there might be eco-friendly options. I'm definitely keeping this information in mind for the future, because all of these pieces are gorgeous.


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