Friday, November 14, 2014

Gift Guide // Home Decor

Home Decor Gift Guide // Bubby and Bean

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, I've started searching online and making lots of mental notes for possible holiday gift ideas for friends and family. When it comes to home decor, my mom and my sister have very similar taste to mine - which makes it especially fun to shop for them. The pieces you see above are all home accessory items that I'd love to have, so I know they'd appreciate them as well. And really, when you opt for more minimalist, neutral goods like these that are high quality and go well with so many design schemes, you're bound to make almost anyone happy.

Each of the items I've chosen for this gift guide also happen to come from, who recently unveiled their new Home Accessories line. The curated collection features everything from hand-embroidered pillows with bohemian details to mid-century modern chairs, hand-tufted rugs and decorative mirrors. There is seriously something for everyone you guys. So if the people on your list prefer more traditional goods than the modern pieces featured in this gift guide, you're sure to find something for them as well. My favorite thing about this new line is the fact that each piece is hand-selected by's expert merchants - ensuring that the collection is full of high quality items ideal for anyone looking to find the perfect gift or keep their own space current, fresh and fashionable. And there are more than 2,500 items to choose from, starting at just under $20.00. Score.

In case you're not familiar with, the California based company offers, in addition to their home goods, the largest selection of handpicked art images online - as well as custom framing, specialty printing, and interactive visualization tools. Their mission is to help everyone explore, experiment with and express themselves through artwork - and have fun doing it. That is something I can really stand behind.

Oh yeah, and if any of my friends and family are reading this and feeling the desire to get me that woven basket set for my holiday gift this year, I wouldn't complain or anything.

What about you guys? Do you like giving (and/or receiving) home accessories for the holidays? Which piece above is your favorite?

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  1. Great picks! I need to get on my Christmas shopping too. Normally, I'd already have started buying handmade gifts and making things myself as well, but this season has been so busy! Thanks for reminding me that it's just around the corner. :)

  2. I love the ampersand and pillow #3. I've learnt not to buy home decor items for my family members, since our tastes differ greatly - haha.

  3. I love all of your finds, these would make perfect gifts!

  4. I find home decor one of the hardest things to buy as a gift. But you're right about sticking with neutral/minimalist designs to play it safe.
    I love the decanter....of course I want to etch on it :)

  5. I love those baskets, too! And the pillows -- and the rug....

  6. Melissa, you crack me up - I love that subtle hint to friends and family about the basket set! I should do the same on my blog ;) Personally, my home decor style veers a little bit more towards the minimal but fancy. I like gray Louis XIV chairs and white vases with gold trim. But I wouldn't say no to that pendant light, how beautiful! I can just picture where I would hang one in my apartment.


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