Tuesday, November 25, 2014

GIVEAWAY // Win a Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening System

GIVEAWAY // Win a Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening System

There have been so many great giveaways here at Bubby and Bean recently!  I think what I love the best about them is that they've spanned a huge spectrum of prize types, from all kinds of companies, big and small. Today's giveaway is something different and exciting. I'm teaming up with the folks at Smile Brilliant to give one lucky reader a Smile Brilliant Tray Creation Kit plus 3 whitening gels and 3 desensitizing gels - valued at $139.95. I'm a huge coffee drinker and have wanted to try one their whitening kits for a while now after hearing rave reviews from friends. I'm stoked to try it out for myself and equally thrilled that one of you will get to as well!

My new pals at Smile Brilliant have told me that their custom fitted teeth whitening trays are the best at home teeth whitening system available on the market. And the process is simple. After you take your dental impressions and mail them back to their lab, they create a set of teeth whitening trays that are an exact replica of your teeth. These trays are identical to those fabricated by your dentist (but at about one-fifth of the price!). Read on for more info and FAQs on the process and to enter the giveaway!

Pssst... Here's a fun video testimonial of a (seriously adorable) Smile Brilliant user:

(Please note that the info below is provided by Smile Brilliant, not Bubby & Bean. It is not to be taken as medical advice. Always consult your doctor or dentist if you have concerns about whitening your teeth.)

How does teeth whitening work?
The tooth is composed of 2 outer layers that surround the pulp which is the chamber that inhabits the nerves. The outer most layer is called the enamel which is a clear and hard coating that protects the tooth from extreme temperatures and impact. The enamel is porous which means substances can seep through and stain the inner second layer known as the dentin. The dentin is a soft bone like tissue that rest on top of the pulp. Everyone's dentin has a slightly different shade of white, off white, or in rare cases yellow. The color of our dentin cannot be altered from teeth whitening. When some consumers report that a teeth whitening product had no effect on the color of their teeth it's usually because that person has an off white or yellowish colored dentin. As long as the bleaching agent was either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide it will remove all stains over time. You can learn more about how teeth whitening works and the difference between hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide by reading this article.

Is tooth whitening safe?
Yes, generally speaking teeth whitening is safe. The only real danger would be to ingest large amounts of the gel; however in order to do so you would need to be using 5X the recommended amount of gel during one application. Many customers ask questions such as "will it damage my enamel?" or "can it cause cancer?" Rest assured neither are true and there is research to back it.

What if you experience tooth sensitivity?
66% of all users experience tooth sensitivity to some degree. For some it will be very mild, and for others it can be painful. You can read more about the cause and prevention of tooth sensitivity here.

Tobacco, nicotine, and other severe stains:
It's important to note that if there are stains on your teeth, our product will absolutely remove them, but some stains are more difficult than others. The average person who wears their trays for 3 hours a day or sleeps with them over night will have removed all stains from their teeth after 5-7 applications. However, more severe conditions such as teeth with tobacco stains, nicotine stains, or dental fluorosis may require as many as 20-30 applications.

Okay, and now that the serious stuff is over, it's time for the fun part: the giveaway!

To enter, just use the entry form below.  There are several ways to enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will run through December 2nd and is open to Bubby and Bean readers worldwide. (Please note that if you do not have a U.S. shipping address, you will be required to pay for shipping of your impressions back to Smile Brilliant.) The winner will be announced here (on the Rafflecopter form) within 3 business days of the end of the giveaway. Good luck!

This post/giveaway is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant.



  1. This system looks fantastic! I'm due for a good whitening so I entered. :)

  2. Oooo how I'd love to win this! Fingers crossed!


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