Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter Style Trend: Cabin Cozy

Cabin Cozy // Bubby and Bean

The holiday season (and wintertime in general) embodies the concept of coziness – whether you’re talking about food, home, or fashion. When I think about the type of clothing that I love most this time of year, things like oversized sweaters, soft scarves, comfy leggings, and cute winter boots come to mind. I instantly picture myself in an outfit like one of those you see above, curled up by a fireplace in a cabin somewhere, drinking a hot beverage (bonus points if there's whisky in it), and watching snow fall out the windows. And I love that these kinds of accessories and apparel items are so in style this season. Even as a warm weather person, I can 100% appreciate the 'cabin cozy' trend that's big right now.

To show some of my favorite examples of the cabin cozy trend, I once again teamed up with Kohl's and put together the round-up collage you see above, using items from their winter lines. These looks can all be found on the Kohl's website and/or in their stores. (See details for each look below.)  I think #2 is my favorite – that sweater could easily be a daily wear for me all winter long.

Which ‘cabin cozy’ look is your favorite?

graphic crop pullover sweater
 ($50), One Step Up 
leggings (
cable turtleneck sweater
 ($54), Juicy Couture®
 mixed media cowl neck muffler ($40), One Step Up
 ($18), .Keds 
droplet boots
LOOK 3: Candie's® 
diamond tunic sweater
 ($54), Totes
 hayley brown boots
LOOK 4: Juicy Couture® 
leopard faux-fur sweatshirt (
$48), Juicy Couture®
 mixed media cowl neck muffler
 ($40), SO®
sigma boots
), Candie's®
 ribbed sweater skirt (
LOOK 5: Candie's®
 sequined eyelash popover sweater (
$48), Juicy Couture®
 skinny knit jeans
 ($50), Juicy Couture® 
marlin sweater boots
LOOK 6: SONOMA life + style®
 waffle-knit long-sleeve (
$26), LC Lauren Conrad
 quilted knit skirt 
($44), SO®
 gloves (

This post is in collaboration with Kohl's.



  1. Ooh, the tunic sweater is great!!

  2. I love comfy clothes that are also stylish. Count me in! The first look is so cute. Love the top.

  3. Also the boots in look three!

  4. I love all of these looks! I really like the pullover sweater in #1. =0) Great picks.

  5. The leggings from look 1, and the sweater from look 2 please!

  6. Seriously my favorite store. Great clothes at a great price.
    Love the sweater in 3!

  7. Love them all -- but I keep coming back to that cute pink sweater in #5.

  8. Oooh, I love it! Flannel is forever my cozy pick. In fact, I'm wearing it right now.


  9. It's freezing here in Vancouver today and all of these outfits bear a striking resemblance, at least in part, to exactly what I'm wearing right now. Although I have to admit, I wish I could swap out my current sweater for that J'adore one, it's way too cute! I'm planning a trip south of the border soon, I'm obviously going to have to stop at Kohl's now ;)

  10. Thanks for your comments you guys! Cabin cozy FTW!

  11. Ooo so much coziness in this post! Love it!

  12. So cozy! I love that pink sweater.


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