Friday, December 19, 2014

10 Great Christmas Cookie Recipes

10 Great Christmas Cookie Recipes // Bubby and Bean
1. Egg Nog Cookies, Alexandra Guarnaschelli  //  2. Flourless Hot Cocoa Cookies, Fork Knife Swoon  //  3. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups, The Gunny Sack  //  4. Peppermint Crinkle Cookies, Bakers Royale  //  5. Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies, Melissa D'Arabian  //  6. Christmas Sugar Cookies, Pastry Affair  //  7. Snowy Chocolate Pinecone Cookies, Handmade Charlotte  // 8. Candy Cane Cookies, Country Living  // 9. Gingerbread Lattice Cookies, Pure Wow  //  10. Red Velvet Kiss Cookies, The Cafe Sucre Farine

Christmas is in six days you guys. In addition to all of the other sparkly magical merriment that comes with this time of year, 'tis the season of sweet edible deliciousness. It's the one (and for the most part, only) time of year that I actually bake - especially in the week leading up to Christmas day. Robbie makes homemade caramels for our friends and family, and I'm in charge of the holiday cookies. I'm guessing that many of you will be whipping together some joyful holiday cookie goodness in the next few days as well, so for this edition of 10 Great, I thought I'd share some of the tastiest looking Christmas cookie recipes I've come across lately. Even if you don't plan on doing any baking, they're awfully pretty to look at, right?



  1. those hot chocolate cup cookies are soooo cute. need to try those.

  2. Can we talk about how real those pinecones look?! That's amazing. Too hard for me to execute, probably, but I can admire. Hahaha.

  3. Those gingerbread cookies are so cute! And love the pinecone cookies - wow!

  4. All of these look delightfully delicious. I think the hot chocolate cookie cups are SO cute! I probably wouldn't want to eat it, because it's so cute. =0)

  5. These are all so beautiful and festive! I'm inspired to get some baking done this weekend now. =)

  6. What are you doing to me? Now I want a glass of milk, and lots and lots of cookies!

  7. Oh gosh. I want my mouth to water at the sight of these cookies, but honestly, all seeing them does is make me remember that I haven't baked a single thing this year - not one measly cookie! Worst part? I don't have any plans to start. I guess it will be better for my waistline, but since I have so few excuses, I think I may just have to chalk this up to having failed Christmas ;)


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