Monday, February 9, 2015

Sleeping In

Pretty Boho Bedding // Bubby and Bean

It's Monday morning. So it's probably safe to say that a lot of you, like me, are wishing you were still snuggled up under the covers. Right? When it's cold and gray outside like it has been for so long around here, I daydream about my bed even more than usual. And during this time of year when the band's touring schedule is nonstop and Robbie is usually only home for a day or two a week (almost always on a Monday) and on Essley duty, I'm squeezing at least a double work load into my Mondays to make up for lost time. This of course only increases my general longing to be back in bed. Because of all these things, today seemed like the perfect day to share some especially pretty and/or cozy looking beds. Daydreaming about beautiful beds on a Monday in the wintertime is basically the next best thing to sleeping in, if you ask me.

Bed 1: Urban Outfitters  //  Bed 2: Anthropologie  //  Bed 3: CB2  //  Bed 4: Pottery Barn  //  Bed 5: Crate & Barrel  // Bed 6: IKEA //  Bed 7: Urban Outfitters  // Bed 8: Modcloth



  1. The sixth bed looks very inventing right now!

  2. We don't feel like working today, either! The dark clouds aren't helping. I'm loving the Crate & Barrel option.

  3. These all look so cozy! Bed #1 is calling to me... :)

  4. These look mighty comfy! Love the ones that have a bit of a tribal theme to them.
    I got to sleep in this weekend and it was SO wonderful!!

  5. That first bed/bedroom is my dream. Pun not intended. :-) I love the bedding and floor.

  6. My bedroom is without a doubt my favourite room in our place - I do my best to make sure that I use it for nothing but sleep, so it really is a restful oasis. But now that I think of it, ours could use a little redecoration, and there is so much inspiration in this post. I'd like to take all of the sheet sets, please ;)

  7. It's Monday night now but I'm glad I didn't see this this morning, they all look so inviting that I might have crawled right back into bed! =)

  8. Thanks for your comments! Three cheers for great bedding!


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