Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I'm Wearing Now: February

What I'm Wearing Now: February // Bubby and Bean
1. 'I Need Coffee' Tee (actually a sleep shirt; I wear it as a tunic), F21  //  2. Faux Shearling Jacket (sold out but google 'faux shearling coat' and you can find a ton on sale right now) //  3. Deena & Ozzy Shredded Square Scarf, UO  //  4. Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt, Woolrich  //  5. Black slim ankle jeans (bought at a random boutique in Indianapolis last year; love this very similar pair from UO)  //  6. Sweatshirt Dress, H&M  //  7. Hi Top Back Zip Boot, Minnetonka  //  8. Alms Boot, Blowfish  //  9. Black Knit Beanie (same one from last month, going strong), F21 // 10. Striped Jersey Top, H&M  

Last month, I started a new series called 'What I'm Wearing Now.' (You can check out January's installment right here.) My motivation behind it was mainly in response to our beginning-of-year reader survey, where many commented that they missed seeing outfit posts, which have admittedly dwindled down to maybe once a month since I had Essley (and even less in the winter). In an effort to share what I'm wearing at the moment without relying exclusively on my inconsistent outfit posts, I decided that I'd put together a monthly round-up collage featuring some of the clothing and accessory items (or the most similar pieces I can find, if certain items are sold out, old, or thrifted/vintage) that I'm wearing the most that particular month. And here we are, on to February.

This month there really wasn't much of a change from January, if we're being honest here. The Chicago area has mostly been bitterly cold, and I gravitated to many of the same simple, comfy, layered pieces I wore last month. I have been adding some subtle touches of color, which I'm assuming is a subconscious attempt to grasp onto spring in the midst of my depressingly colorless winter surroundings. For the most part though, as you can see, I've continued to favor casual, neutral basics.

I'll be spending a third of the month of March in Arizona, so it will be interesting to see if there is a more dramatic change between this month's What I'm Wearing Now and the next. I have visions of short dresses and sun hats dancing in my head just about every time I close my eyes.

What type of clothing and accessory pieces have you been wearing most in February?



  1. Same business here: sweaters, scarves, lots of layers, boots all the time. I'm more excited to see what you'll wear next month in AZ. Maybe just dedicate the post to that week so we can live vicariously through you. Haha.

  2. It's been really cold over here, so I'm wearing lots of woolly stuff. Can't wait for spring!! That stripey T-shirt looks great :)

  3. It's hard to make huge changes to your wardrobe when the weather outside stays the same. We've been lucky to have some really beautiful days here so my wardrobe is leaning a bit more towards spring, but I get the feeling I'll be back to cozier pieces when I'm in Paris next week and I will definitely be taking some inspiration from your put together casual style for days when I'll be doing a lot of walking around outside.

  4. I love that coat and the I love coffee shirt! I'm still wearing a lot of winter basics too and can't wait to make the switch to warm weather attire.

  5. I'm still wearing a lot of layers too. I love that H & M dress! I can't wait to see what your March Arizona wear feature looks like. =)

  6. Love the Coffee tee and those boots!
    I'm pretty much a jeans and sweater girl every day. And jeans and t-shirt girl in the summer :)
    Have a great time in jealous!

  7. Cute! Love that H&M sweatshirt dress! And the I Need Coffee sleepshirt would be PERFECT for my daughter.

  8. Love both those pairs of shoes. This looks a lot like my winter wardrobe, summer sometimes too. It's often still chilly in the summer months in the Bay area.

  9. i'm obsessed with buffalo plaid.

  10. The black Minnetonka are great!

    Greets from Greece :)


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