Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Let's Talk Bed Linens

1. Circle Dot Sheet Set, Urban Outfitters  //  2. Nomad Sheet Set, Anthropologie  //  3. Organic Cotton Sheets, John Lewis  //  4. Natural Patchwork Cotton Rich Sheet Set, Next  //  5. Organic Grey Percale Sheet Set, CB2  //  6. White Palazzo Bed Linens, Yorkshire Linen  //  7. Polka Dot Sheet Set, West Elm  //  8. Paoletti Oxford Embroidered Sheet Set, Bedding World

You guys may remember when I posted some pictures of especially cozy looking beds last month (on a day that I was feeling particularly sleepy, I might add). Ever since I wrote that post, I've become acutely aware of the fact that our bed sheets are in need of a major upgrade. We own two sets, they're exactly the same, and they're both rather pathetically worn out. (One set may or may not even have a couple of holes.) Needless to say, I've been on the lookout for some new bed linens in which to invest, and the ones you see above represent some of my favorites so far. I'm looking for something simple and pretty (and preferably in white or grey), but most importantly, soft and comfortable. Yorkshire Linen have palazzo bed linens that sound all sorts of luxurious (hello 1000 thread count).  I also discovered a brand called John Lewis that carries organic sheets sets (and really pretty duvets).  And I'm not usually a pattern person when it comes to sheets, but I'm also really into this patchwork patterned set from Next and these circle dot sheets from UO.

What kind of sheets do you use? Do you invest in high quality sheets that will last longer, or do you switch prefer less expensive linens that you can switch out more often? Any brands you recommend?



  1. I'm in just the same boat, Melissa - we've had the same bed linens since we moved into our apartment almost six years ago and they are less than exciting, not to mention beginning to show their age. I think it was your post about beds that got me thinking about new ones and I've been on the hunt ever since. I love the idea of solid grey - it just seems to peaceful and relaxing!

  2. I tend to get inexpensive sheets that fall apart, but I think it's time in invest in some nice ones. I love the polka dot sheets in the last photo, super cute! =)

  3. Loving #8 - the pin dots on both pillows and sheet look cute :) We have those elasticated sheets and they really wear out quickly. Need new ones too!

  4. We need some new sheets too. It's been awhile since we bought anything for the bedrooms.
    I am totally in love with #5 on your list!

  5. I just bought the blush duvet from Cultiver (http://www.cultiver.com). They do beautiful linens in an affordable way. As affordable as you can get with French linens! :) They look so soft... I can't wait to get my duvet. I might ask for sheets or pillowcases for my birthday as well. When you sleep in your bed every single night, I think it's worth splurging on a little!

    - Sarah

  6. Oh god... all of my sheets are sooo old. I really have to get new ones soon. Haha :) I really like the ones you showed here.

  7. Yeah, John Lewis has beautiful stuff; I just wish shipping from the UK wasn't so expensive! I've almost ordered from them a couple times in the past, but I always decided against it because shipping was around $40, even for small items.

    I've also been on the hunt for a new duvet cover and some pillows. I love patterns on everything (no surprise there, ha) but it's hard to find cute patterns on good quality linens. A lot of the cutest duvets will be like 100 thread count. I'm not a diva, and I'm pretty sure I've never even slept on 1000 count sheets lol, but I also can't do super scratchy.

  8. Love the ones in the first photo. I haven't had an update in a couple of years, but I did get a new set at the end of last year. Normally I always pick something white, but I got one with a funky cat and pear pattern from Ikea.


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