Friday, March 6, 2015

Time to Recharge + Annual Pre-Spring Sale at Bubby & Bean Art

Hello card
free spirit art
Saint Patrick's Day card
diamond art print
Merci Beaucoup card

It's time once again for the annual pre-spring sale at Bubby & Bean Art! March has always been the month when I've been able to slow down a little with the card/art shop (and my clothing line, for the many years it was running) and take some time to creatively recharge. It's the time of year when the holiday and Valentine's Day madness are over, our bookkeeping and tax stuff (aka my least favorite part of being a business owner) for the previous year are caught up and handed off to our CPA, and the new inspirations that accompany spring are right around the corner. I'm able to give my brain a brief rest from numbers and marketing and business logistics, and shift my focus to design work and just plain getting inspired. It's also the time that I take my annual vacation to Arizona and close down the art shop for a short while. Essley and I leave in about a week and a half, and Robbie will meet us there in a little over two weeks. I'm so ready for some sunshine and new surroundings, and some downtime to get creatively refreshed and energized.

Before I temporarily close the shop, we'll be having our big annual pre-spring sale. Today through Wednesday (March 11th), take 30% off everything at Bubby and Bean Art with code SPRING30. This offer is good for new designs, old designs, cards, card sets, art prints - everything in the shop. If you've had your eye on something, now is the perfect time to snatch it up with one of our biggest discounts ever! And if you're looking for a custom card set (any number you want), we're offering that now too.

As always, thank you for your support of my little art shop (and this blog too). You guys are the best. Happy almost spring!



  1. Oh I didn't know about your shop so far. :)
    I'll definitely take a look.
    Very nice stuff.

  2. I love the hello card and diamond art and all of it and I am 100% using the sale coupon so thank you!! :-) I hope you have a great month to recharge too. :-)

  3. Ooh, I love cards #1, #2, #3 and #5. So awesome! Enjoy your family time in Arizona and thanks for the generous discount :)

  4. I love that last print! And its message goes perfectly with the theme for International Women's Day 2015, which I blogged about today. =0)

    Great sale, and I will be sure to tweet it.

  5. Thanks so much for your comments, orders, and support you guys! xo, m


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