Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Festival Style: What to Wear

You guys. It's an outfit post. A real live outfit post. Guess when my last one was? Five months ago. Yep. November 6, 2014 to be exact. I've had fun sharing my monthly clothing favorites this year via What I'm Wearing Now posts (and I'll continue to do them), but now that the weather is finally warming up, I plan on actual outfit posts making at least a slightly more regular appearance around here again.

This particular look was shot during my recent trip to Arizona, where there the average daily temp was in the mid '80s. That, along with the gorgeous natural backdrop, made shooting easy, as did the inspiration behind the shoot - festival style. As I mentioned in my recent post about what to pack for music festivals, the summer music festival is a dear, long-time friend to me. From almost a decade of vending my eco-fashion line at festivals like Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, to producing festival fashion shows, to styling bands at festivals, to my husband's festival career work, to just plain attending them for fun, music festivals have been a big part of my life for many years. And with the start of Coachella just three days away, festival season has officially arrived.

When it comes to what I decide to wear to festivals, the same principles apply as I outlined in my 'what to pack' post. I focus on pieces I can layer, since I'm going to be predominately outside and the weather can change at any time. I also make comfort a priority. I'm not going to lie - style is big for me as well (I may or may not have a several year old picture of myself from Women's Wear Daily's Bonnaroo Style Guide saved in my 'Very Important Keepsakes' box for all eternity), but I go to festivals to dance and explore and you won't find me in 5-inch heels or constricting skirts. I tend to wear a lot of '60s and '70s inspired boho clothing in general which are not only big at festivals anyway, they're also usually really comfortable. Like I also mentioned in my other post, wearing pieces that showcase your own personal style is key. Music festivals are incredible places to express yourself, and I prefer to dress in pieces that are genuinely enjoyable for me to wear and allow me to be myself.

The articles of clothing in this particular outfit are spot on in terms of my typical music fest look. A great pair of denim cut-offs, like this pair of deconstructed midi shorts from Mudd, is a festival staple for me. They're perfect because you can pair them with so many other pieces and wear them for multiple days in different outfits. I also love to sport a soft, neutral colored music-inspired tee like this rad Ramones t-shirt from Rock & Republic. And you'll almost always find me in a loose cardigan or kimono like this comfy jersey one from Mudd. (All three of these pieces can be found at your local Kohl's store or on their website.) From there I like to add lots of leather bracelets, layer on some bohemian-inspired necklaces, step into a worn-in pair of boots or moccasins, and throw on a floppy hat to protect me from the sun. It's my functional-yet-stylish festival 'uniform,' and you'll likely find me in some variation of it at every music event I attend in the summertime.

 Tee: ℅ Kohl's  //  Kimono: ℅ Kohl's  //  Shorts: ℅ Kohl's  //  Hat: H&M (similar)  //  Booties: ℅ Minnetonka  //  Feather Necklace: ℅ Roots & Feathers  //  Turquoise Necklace: F21  //  Earrings + Copper Rings: ℅ Jade Stone Jewelry  //  Other rings: old + gifts  //  Sunglasses: UO  //  Bracelets: thrifted + ℅ Lisa Leonard  // Bag: Target  

What types of 'festival fashion' clothing and accessory items do you like to wear? Anyone attending Coachella this weekend? Anyone in shock that I finally posted an outfit?

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  1. Cute outfit, Melissa :) I love those shorts! The backdrop is perfect for the outfit you're wearing! This weekend were supposed to get warm(ish) weather over here, can't wait!!

  2. Yaaaay for an outfit post and wow is it a good one!! I love love love this look. The Ramones shirt is next level. I haven't been to Coachella since 2011 but I am hoping to go to Lolla this year.

  3. These photos are stunning. The outfit and the scenery are perfection.

  4. I've been looking forward to this post since you mentioned you had some outfits coming up and I must say, it does not disappoint - this kind of bohemian festival style is the one I always associate most strongly with you and you wear it so well (far more convincingly, I think, than most bloggers who are sharing festival styles at the moment.) And those Minnetonkas - you know I have a soft spot for them ;)

  5. What a perfect location for a photo shoot; crystal clear, blue sky and stately Saguaro cacti. An ideal backdrop for you and a truly cool look outfit. Love those Southwest style necklaces, they really compliment the outfit.

  6. You look fabulous, I especially love those sunnies. Hope we're able to wear them here soon! And, keep those outfits coming :-)

  7. meant to type 'posts' after outfits!

  8. These photos are so beyond gorgeous. I need to get to Arizona! I love everything you're wearing and I agree that cut off shorts, a music tee, moccs and hat and layered jewelry is all the perfect festival outfit. I wear a lot of dresses too. Hoping for more outfit posts soon. =)

  9. I was so excited to see an outfit post. ;) Love your sense of style and these pictures are so pretty. I love that fringe purse and saw it's from Target but there isn't a link and I can't seem to find it on their website. Do you happen to have a link? Thank you!

    1. Thanks Tracey! I actually got it there years ago, on clearance, for what I remember being $3 or $4. I'm sorry I don't have we a link but they definitely don't have them anymore. It was a serious score!

  10. I love you , I truly do. and this outfit post. and your baby. and your life.

    <3 always sissy

  11. I don't think you could be NOT cute if you tried! Love these looks and the setting is completely amazing! Love the little moccasins most.

    I rock my oh-so-sarcastic Threadless tshirts (communist party's my fave) and skinnies with my standard chuck taylors when I'm heading to concerts in Vancouver. Haven't been to an actual festival since Lilith Fair at The Gorge in Washington circa '99!!


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