Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Phone Photos into Wall Art (the Easy Way!)

If you guys are anything like me, you take a lot of photos with your phone. Every single day, I probably snap two dozen photos. Maybe I post one or two to Instagram or Facebook, but ultimately, the shelf lives of my personal photos are limited to the swipe of a screen. My phone contains thousands of photos of my travels, outings with my friends and family, random pretty things I see in the day-to-day, and most of all, pictures of my 16 month old daughter - most of which never get beyond my phone.

After a recent notification that my memory was almost full, as I was sitting down deleting photos, I realized how much I'd love to actually print some of them and display them as tangible art instead of just losing them to the great abyss of my cell phone's photo album. Of course, I'd thought about this before, but I don't exactly have a ton of extra time these days to print and frame large photos myself.

A few days later, with this still in my thoughts, I was introduced to a new iPhone app called SwitchArt™that lets you order Art.com’s magnetic SwitchArt frames and prints from the convenience of your phone. Basically, the app allows you to easily bring your photo stream straight to your walls with custom prints that stick to magnetic frames - which was exactly what I needed. And the fact that you can change the magnetic prints out (literally in a manner of seconds) was a serious plus for me. We live in a townhouse with a mostly open floor plan and have pretty limited wall space, so SwitchArt sounded like the perfect way to be able to display multiple photos in a small area. I get bored easily too, and being able to switch the prints out whenever I felt like it was also majorly appealing. (You can click on this tutorial to see exactly how it SwitchArt works.)

One of my favorite things about SwitchArt is how easy the app is to use. Just download (right here), buy a pack, and begin uploading personal photos from your camera roll, Instagram feed, or Facebook page. Each pack includes a SwitchArt Magnetic Frame in the color and size of your choice, and a number of prints you select. (I chose two of my favorite pictures of Essley; one from last Halloween and one from our recent Arizona trip, and opted for the black frame.) Your new, personalized artwork will arrive by mail in a few days. And you can create and order the rest of the prints in your pack whenever you want with free shipping.

As you guys know, I don't do traditional "reviews" on Bubby and Bean. But if I try out a new product and really fall in love with it, I want to share it. And this is the case with SwitchArt. The app was so simple to use, and the quality of the art itself is stellar. I was genuinely impressed, and I'm in love with our new prints. I can't wait to order more. I also plan to order some packs as gifts (with Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up, I know some grandparents who would be thrilled to receive these photos as art!).

Do you have a ton of photos just sitting on your phone? (If you try SwitchArt, let me know what you think!)

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  1. That's a fun idea! The photo of Essley amongst the pumpkins is certainly worthy of being displayed :)

  2. Cute photos of Essley!
    What a lovely idea, thanks for sharing!

  3. What an awesome idea for the prints to be magnets! I'm going to download right now. =)

  4. How cool is that!! Little Essley is SUCH a sweetie!!

  5. Thanks for your comments! Cool idea, right?


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