Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life Lately, in Snapshots // The Late Spring Edition

1. 'mama nuhz!'  //  2. yet another midwestern road trip. //  3. those days when the trees fill with flowers are my favorite days of the year.  //  4. best buds + sidewalk chalk.  //   5. trouble.  //  6. outfit for date night.  //  7.  so stoked to finally get to dig in the dirt.  //  8. like her mama, essley loves ikea.  //  9. mother's day breakfast in bed rules //  10. got the deck ready for summer. this corner is my sanctuary.  // 11. my bff paid us an impromptu visit and we took essley to a crazy ball jumping place. best day ever.  //  12. designed a ton of new cards for the shop.  // 13. in may, weekend nursery trips are a necessity. // 14. my two favorite people, snuggled tight.

Once again, months have passed since my last 'Life Lately' update. I feel like I always preface these posts with the same statement about how they're few and far between now that Instagram is my go-to for sharing pieces of my life, but that I genuinely enjoy putting them together here on the blog on occasion. It's the truth though. I like how these updates allow me to take the time to intentionally look back over the previous months through these quickly snapped cell phone photos, and it enables me to share a little piece of what's been happening behind the scenes around here with you guys.

April and May were really great months. Watching the snow and lifelessness of winter be replaced with sunshine and fresh growth is always a thrill for me. It's been so, so great to get to take Essley to the park, watch her run on grass for the first time, and just get to be together outside. May also brought an impromptu visit from my best friend who was in Iowa City from California and spent nearly 8 hours in the the car to come visit us for just a few hours, along with other bits of fun like family adventures on Mother's Day weekend and a couple of road trips to Indianapolis. Nothing major happened, and there wasn't any big travel or events. And that's actually pretty wonderful. It's been a nice, mellow transition into the beginning of summertime.

As always, you can view more peeks of what I'm up to on the daily over here. So what about you? What have you been up to during these months leading into summer?



  1. Picture #4 is so precious!!!
    IKEA is always fun, haven't been in a while :)

  2. Lovely Pictures! ..... enjoying summer here too, bbq's and gardening in our tiny balcony!

  3. Of course I am a diligent follower of your instagram account - it's such a wonderful way to keep up with people. April and May for me have been very busy with my day job and that means, sadly, that the rest of my life hasn't been terribly interesting. But I have high hopes for summer!

  4. I follow you on Instagram but I still love these updates. The picture of Essley surrounded by the balls needs to be framed!

  5. That first picture is so adorable, I can't even. =) I love your deck too, so gorgeous and lush! This is one of my favorite series, I get so excited when I see a life lately post title. haha =)

  6. Awww, I love that you're a crystal chick, too. <3 #12

  7. So many great, happy photos :) Essley is just so darn cute!

  8. great photos, looks like you've been having fun!

  9. Haaaaaa, the Badass card is great. Totally getting one for my sister. And I see you're already teaching Essley about the virtues of IKEA, which is key to a happy life. :-)


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