Tuesday, July 28, 2015

10 Great Vegetarian Taco Recipes

1. Hush Puppy Tacos, Beard and Bonnet  //  2. Quinoa Salad Soft Tacos, Cafe Johnsonia  //  3. Heat Free Lentil and Walnut Tacos, Oh  My Veggies  //  4. Black Bean and Roasted Sweet Potato Tacos, Bubby & Bean  //  5. Paneer Tikka Tacos, Masala Mexicana  //  6. Zucchini and Crimini Street Tacos, A Spicy Perspective  //  7. Beer Battered Avocado Tacos, The Beeroness  //  8. Mapo Tofu Tacos, Hip Foodie Mom  //  9. Vegan Breakfast Tacos, Minimalist Baker  //  10. Tempeh Tacos, Betty Goes Vegan  

TACOS FOREVER. I'm actually kind of tempted to just leave this post with that and not even type anything else because really, that's all I need to say. Tacos are my favorite food times, like, infinity, and I eat them at least two or three times a week. I've even been known to eat them everyday, happily. I've actually never had a taco with beef or chicken in it - I've only had vegetarian tacos (and fish tacos, although it's been years). But vegetarian tacos still have so many options for different ingredient combinations that I feel like I'm not missing out at all. We tend to consistently eat the black bean/cheese/avocado/hot sauce in soft corn shell variety, so recently I decided to look into some other types of veggie taco recipes to try out. And of course, I had to share the ones that I'm most excited to make with you guys, hence this taco-filled edition of 10 Great.

Happy Taco Tuesday friends! Who else could live off the tasty pockets of goodness? What are your favorite taco ingredients?



  1. The one with the lentils looks and sounds delicious! I like filling them with stir fried spinach, goats cheese and sundried tomatoes.

  2. Nr. 3 looks yummy as does Nr. 9! Gotta try your version too :)

  3. Tacoooooos! We live within walking distance of the most delicious (and also locally sourced and organically grown) taco place and if it were possible to do so and not run out of money, I'd just eat there instead of cooking. Haha.

    Your taco version sounds like mine, except I add lettuce or cabbage for crunch.

  4. immmmm maybe my favorite post of yours ever?! bookmarking now.

  5. I'm sitting here reading this post as I eat my breakfast and I'm officially having food regret - why am I eating fresh fruit when I could have made breakfast tacos?! Tomorrow is another day, though, and tomorrow, my breakfast will come in a corn tortilla because I must start trying these recipes - they all sound amazing!

  6. YES! This post is my dream come true. =) I love tacos.

  7. I eat a lot of black bean tacos too, but fish tacos are my favorite.


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