Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Console Tables Forever

By Home Contributor Paige Ronchetti

Six Stylish Console Tables // Bubby and Bean
left: top // middle // bottom         right: top // middle // bottom

How YOU doin', gorgeous collection of console tables? Why aren't any of you in my house?

As far as furniture goes, poor consoles don't get a lot of attention. They're not necessarily a major purchase like a dining room table, and you won't be spending a ton of hours on one like you would a sectional, so I kind of understand how they might seem a little... unimportant at first glance. (Which is false, but I get it.) It's a cryin' shame that these fall through the cracks because the best thing about a console table is how versatile it can be. You can stick one in a narrow hallway, under a TV, behind a sofa, or even use one as a desk depending on how its shelves are situated. They're a good "I'm not sure what to put here!" solution for weirdly-shaped spaces, and they make a smart landing zone for mail and car keys.

I'm also a fan because they can be a cool statement piece that doesn't overwhelm everything else in the room. We've all seen the basic Parsons-style consoles floating around, and they're fine, but let's go for something a little more interesting, shall we?

BOOM. First of all, I'd like to live here. Secondly, the room itself is so stark that it needed the industrial console table (and giant mirror) to add some oomph. If either of those were simpler and/or smaller, the space would seem rather uninviting with all of that white. Chilly, if you will, so going a little rustic and oversized with the console was a good move.

Do you have a console table at home? What's your favorite way to use one of these? And speaking of favorites, which of these makes your heart sing? (Top Left can come home with me anytime.) Who else kind of wants a Dutch door now that we've seen the inspiration image? - Paige

Console tables forever! Second down from the right is calling my name so hard. Thanks Paige, for always nailing it! In addition to writing for Bubby and Bean as our Home Contributor, Paige works as an Interior Designer (check out her biz, The Room Kit) and blogs over at Little Nostalgia. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram



  1. These are really cool! Unfortunately I don't have one, But when we finally settle down at one place and make out dream home, then I am going to get one, something like the 'top left' one! And it would go in one of the entry way's!

  2. I am dying to get a console table in my apartment!! I really want something to use as a china cabinet/liquor cabinet.

  3. Love # 1 and # 4. I don't think I realized how awesome console tables are until this post, haha =)

  4. Console tables are one of those things I never quite understood the point of until recently - we don't own a TV, so I couldn't figure out what I would use one for. Of course, now that I'm a little older, I've figured out that the answer is anything, and it will look pretty. I absolutely love the wrought iron and wood console table, so lovely.

  5. These are all gorgeous!! I want the first one.

  6. Paige's picks are always great! My husband was making a sort of console table before he left on deployment, but it's unfinished. I really love the middle one on the right - it would be such a great fit for our style!

  7. Thanks for your comments everybody! I'll make sure Paige sees them. :)


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