Friday, July 24, 2015

Let's Go Adventuring

We leave next week for a trip up to Door County, Wisconsin. And although we're not camping (or even glamping; we're staying in a rented condo), the trip feels like an outdoor adventure in my mind. When I was a little girl, my family drove up to Wisconsin to go camping in the woods every summer, so maybe that's the reason. Or maybe it's because it's a good 5-6 hour road trip to get to there, which these days, feels like a long one. Or maybe it's because we'll be doing a lot of hiking and outdoor activities once we're there. Whatever the reason, I've had summertime road trips and camping adventures on the mind, man. When I lived out west in my 20s (Colorado, Oregon, and California), I lived in places that were deep in nature, and going 'adventuring,' as we liked to call it, was a regular part of daily life. It's admittedly been a long (long) time, and this trip is far from what we did in those days, but I'm excited nonetheless. The images you see above are the types that have filled my daydreams the past few days. Maybe they're stereotypical or overly ethereal or even kind of cheesy when they're all put together as part of my outdoor exploration fantasy, but I'm feeling them. I really am.

Have you gone on any camping or outdoor adventures lately, or do you have plans for any this summer?

Images from top: 1. Moon and Trees  //  2. Oh Pioneer  //  3. Michael Smyjewski  // 4. For the Love of Wanderlust  //  5. Eartheld  //  6. SFGirlbyBay  // 7. Rob Strok  //  8. Coffee in the Mountains



  1. I've never been to Door County but I know it's beautiful and I'd like to get there eventually! Camping is among my least favorite things, but I do like to go on hikes. If the arboretum weren't so full of terrible mosquitoes right now, I'd be there today! Haha.

  2. I am the least outdoorsy person I know. My family went camping once, when I was six; we used my grandparents' tents from the 60s and the rain started as soon as we had put them up, not stopping for the next several days. We packed it in after two, and I've only been camping once since, a time that, although it didn't rain, I didn't like much better. But I have to say, these photos make camping look remarkably appealing to me. Hope your upcoming trip is fabulous!

  3. Those tall trees are amazing! I'm not outdoorsy, however I'd give glamping a try :)
    Hope you have a wonderful time!!!

  4. WOOOOW!
    Those are some really cool photos! Makes me wanna pack everything and go camp!

    ♥ Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ♥


  5. Beautiful photos. Makes camping look very appealing. We have owned travel trailers in the past and did quite a bit of camping. Then we lived in a 21' trailer with a dog for 4 months while waiting for a new house to be built. We sold the trailer and felt like we never wanted to be in one again.
    When our kids were in grade school we rented a travel trailer for a week one summer to see if we would enjoy it. It poured rain the whole week. After 4 days of playing cards, reading all the kid's comic books and anything else we could find to do inside we came home, parked the trailer in the street by our house. Our kids and the neighbor kids stayed in it and had a ball.


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