Friday, July 10, 2015

Links I Love, Right Now

I initially put together the first 'Links I Love, Right Now' post about a month and a half ago on a whim, when I was feeling nostalgic about my now long defunct 'Friday is for Favorites' series. A couple of weeks later I posted another one, and explained that it would not be a weekly or even monthly thing, but more of a 'when I feel like it' thing, and/or at the end of a week when there genuinely happened to be a lot of links that I loved. Well guys, this week has been one of those weeks. I spent last weekend at the final Grateful Dead shows with a couple hundred friends from different places and periods of my life (and another 70,000 friends who I didn't actually know but with whom I shared an unforgettable experience on every level), and it left me feeling both blissful and physically exhausted (a dozen collective hours of nonstop dancing while you're pregnant will do that to you). This ultimately led to me spending more time that I should this past week sprawled out on my couch surfing the internet at night, which led to me discovering a lot of cool shit online. So here we are. (Do people even say 'surfing' the internet anymore? I'm not cool enough to know what the kids call it these days. But you get my point.)

And this brings us to these links I love, right now:

This short documentary on six brothers who were raised in captivity in New York City and 'saved by the movies' looks pretty incredible. Have any of you seen it?

On the 4th of July, the Empire State Building was synced up to the Grateful Dead song 'U.S. Blues.' I mean, wow. Even if you're not a Deadhead like I am, this is pretty impressive.

My half birthday was on the first. Anybody want to buy me these shoes for a belated present? Anyone?

My reading time has dwindled to nothing, and I need to change this. Vulture says that these 8 books are the ones I need to read in July.

When America's librarians went to war. Kind of intense.

15 houseplants that improve indoor air quality.

This summer has been a strange one - full of clouds and cold spells. I've been daydreaming of water hangs and sunshine lounging, and am crossing my fingers that the weather becomes more summer-like before our lake vacation in three weeks. I'd also really like to have this amazing lounge swing (also seen in top photo) to take with me on the trip.

An abandoned shipyard was revived with tiny houses on tracks, and I kind of want to live there.

I usually skip the dressing on my salads, because I feel like if I'm going to make the effort to consume greens over french fries or nachos, I should probably avoid drowning them in fat/calorie laden liquids. But my girl Jessica found 8 dressings that actually contribute to the health factor of salads, which means things are about to change for the better at my dinner table.

This rug is perfection, not only because of the gorgeous pattern and color, but also because it's distressed - which is key when you have a messy toddler. (Or a pet. Or an adult who spills a lot - like me.)

I use this word a lot, but a Google and Apple alum says it can damage your credibility. And I get why.

Sesame Street is the only television Essley watches (along with the occasional Peppa Pig). This article digs deep to discuss the magic behind the show.

These DIY black and white printed napkins are spot on. Making them.

Researchers track the love lives of koalas (aka my favorite animals after dogs).

Although these cotton candy ice cream shots would be a lot more fun with the alcohol, I'm thinking about making the non-boozy version for my pregnant self this weekend. So many sugar cravings...

It's Friday! This weekend is all about kids' birthday parties, movie dates, hiking, and good food around here. It will be a stark contrast to last weekend's activities but I'm ready for some low-key plans. Whatever you may be doing, I hope your weekend is fantastic. See you Monday.



  1. That documentary looks so cool, I saw something about it on facebook!! Mmmm cotton candy shots!! Happy weekend! :-)

  2. PS I'm so jealous you went to those Dead shows, my cousin went too and said they were so fun!

  3. I burst out laughing when i read about the "surfing the internet" thing, not because it's (probably) not called like that these days, but because i stood there wondering "they don't???" for a few good minutes. :)) I guess i'm just as "uncool" as you are. :))

    I absolutely love the reviving project of the abandoned shipyard! Combining pleasure with usefulness is always a great thing to do.

    1. Haha! They might still call it that...? I need to consult with my teenage niece.

  4. The box houses are ingenious and I love the swinging lounge seat! Oh, I want to cuddle a koala right now :)

  5. I'm glad you had so much fun at the concerts and that's really neat about the Empire State Building! I also love those shoes. =) Have a great weekend Melissa!

  6. Oh my...I could spend an entire day in that chair!
    We're hoping to get out boating again tomorrow. I need to figure out a way to rig one of those up on the boat :)

  7. thank you for that plant article link! i live in a small, small apt in the city and feel like the air quality in it has to be pretty bad. that swing thing is really cool too.

  8. I read the article on "just" too and never realized how much I used it! Now that I'm aware, I catch myself doing it with clients all the time. So crazy. Reining it in.

    The sun is trying to peek out from some clouds! Aaaah!

  9. Love the rug. Great finds, as always. The tiny houses are a bit TOO tiny for my liking -- but I do hope to retire someday to a tiny house by a babbling brook. And I have a big Tiny Houses board on Pinterest.


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