Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Talking 'Bout Tile (The Bolder the Better)

Colorful Moroccan Tiles // Bubby and Bean
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Although I'm mostly drawn to neutral colors (and I'm talking white/black/grey or nothing) and minimalism when it comes to home decor, I also love bold, bohemian type patterns. I realize that these styles basically contradict each other completely, but that's just who I am. (You may have noticed an odd blending of these two styles in the way I dress, too.) My dream room is mostly white and black, with neutral furniture consisting of clean lines, plain wood floors, and simple artwork (lots of black and white photos with some typography thrown in). On the completely other side of things, it also has colorful patterned rugs and throw pillows, an excessive amount of houseplants and trees, and beautifully bold tiles. Right now, the only colorfully tiled thing in our house is a handmade mirror hanging on the wall in the downstairs bathroom, but in our next place (which hopefully will be coming in the next year or so), I'm going for the colorful tile, ya'll. Going for it.

And that brings us to this post, and the reason for which you see this collage of bold tile goodness in front of you. These are all tiles that I've come across in my online window shopping, and I'm crushing on every single one of them. I mean, how about # 2? Can we just run away together and shack up in Morocco?

What are your thoughts on vibrant tiles? Do you have anything like these in your home?



  1. What fun tiles...love #8! I'm with you on mainly neutrals. But I like pops of color thrown in to mix it up a bit. These tiles would definitely add that pop of color!

  2. I love colorful tiles!! My sister just put some in her kitchen and they're so pretty.

  3. When we bought out place, there was a vibrant tile motif along our backsplash. At the time, I found it sort of charming, but five years later, I am so tired of looking at these tiles! Seriously. And I think this is my problem with vibrant tile - to start with I love it; when I was in Portugal, I wanted tile everything. But then when it comes to living with it, I get bored and switching out tile is no easy feat!

  4. #1! Obsessed! I love boho style homes with tiles like these and lots of plants. =)

  5. Are you guys house hunting? If so, good luck! I definitely love patterned tiles, especially here in old houses and buildings. Pretty much the only time I think photos of feet are acceptable on instagram is on a pretty tiled floor haha. ;)

    1. We will be soon. With another one on a way we're outgrowing the townhouse. The thought of packing all of this stuff up is so unappealing but I know it will be worth it (right?). ;)

  6. These are great! #3 is my fave.

  7. YES, go for colorful tile! I bought some tiles when I was in Arizona and because I couldn't bring giant boxes of them back with me, I got enough to make a set of coasters. They live on the table in the family room and I LOVE IT.

  8. Thanks for your comments everybody! Colorful tiles FTW.

  9. Love this kind of tile. A couple of places in my neighbourhood (a restaurant and a condo sales centre) use it, albeit in more muted colours/black and white, and everytime I see it I'm wishing I could redo my backsplash or entry tile!


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