Monday, August 24, 2015

My Favorite Daily Break

We all hear about the intense schedules of parents, and how parents are always on the go, and how our days are hectic and without breaks. I mean, truthfully we're all busy, regardless of whether or not we're parents. I was busy before I became a mom, and I'm busy now, and I'd never want to downplay anyone else's daily hustle. But in my case, since becoming a mom, my daily routine has gone from full to non-stop. I'm talking incessant activity. It can be a lot.

My day usually starts with getting Essley dressed and fed. (If I'm lucky and wake up before her, I may throw on some makeup, but I'm grateful if I can even manage to put on a clean outfit.) After she eats, I scarf down some food too, and then we usually head out the door to either a lesson, a play date, or errands (which often involves doing stuff for my work as well). After we get home, Essley plays for a while and I get stuff down around the house and answer emails, then get her lunch ready. After that it's time to put her down for a nap (which usually takes a while; the kid hates sleep, man). While she's napping I eat a quick lunch while trying to cram in as much work as possible (writing blog posts, returning work emails and phone calls, packing orders for the art shop, and doing social media posts). If I'm lucky, I get two full hours. Sometimes I get 30 minutes. (Being a parent has given me some mad time management skills, I will say that.) After her nap we usually take a walk or go to the park. Sometimes we have afternoon play dates with friends as well. In the late afternoon while Essley plays with her toys or books, I try to get some more work done. Then it's time for dinner, followed by bath time, then story time, then bed (which is a repeat of nap time in terms of trying to convince girl to fall asleep). Once she is sleeping, I work some more. I also try to get in some sort of exercise if we didn't have time for a long walk earlier in the day. Sometimes I take a shower and read or watch Netflix for a few minutes right before I fall asleep. (Those times are the best.) Then we start over again.

During periods that my husband is home (for those who aren't regular readers, he works for a band and they travel about half the year), my days are different, but equally as hectic. I help with Essley in the morning and evenings, but during the day I work full time. Usually he's only home for a few days a week, so those days are my time to squeeze in as much work as possible. Those days are really long and I'm actually more tired at the end of them than the ones where I have Ess on my own.

While my days are admittedly both chaotic and exhausting (and even moreso since I got pregnant again back in April), I have learned the key to getting through them (and even enjoying the madness) without crashing. And that secret is called 'the break.' I look forward to taking an afternoon break pretty much all day, and I'm telling you guys, it's preserved my sanity. Sometimes I take my break while Essley naps. Sometimes I take it while she is playing. On the days when I'm working full time, I take it between projects. And every time, it is glorious. Each break is usually the same - I put my feet up, I turn off all electronics, I take deep breaths, and I eat a quick snack. Lately my go-to break-time snack consists of a tall glass of lemon water or an iced coffee, along with a Chobani Flip.

In case you haven't experienced this goodness for yourself yet, Chobani Flip is a collection of sweet snacks that pair delicious Greek Yogurt with natural mix-ins. Strawberry Summer Crisp (my fave) is a low-fat yogurt paired with golden graham crackers and white chocolate. I also love Almond Coco Loco, a coconut low-fat yogurt paired with honey roasted salty almonds and dark chocolate, and Key Lime Crumble, a key lime low-fat yogurt with graham crackers and white chocolate. I've been a Chobani fan (it's America’s #1 Greek Yogurt brand, and for good reason) for years, but the unique combination of it with these other tasty, crunchy ingredients makes for a serious treat. And I don't have to waste time gathering add-ins, because they're right there - which means more time to enjoy my piece of afternoon bliss.

Whether you're a parent on-the-go like I am, or you can just appreciate an afternoon break from the craziness of your day, I highly recommend checking out Chobani online, and trying Chobani Flip for yourself. (Seriously you guys - it's so good.) This season they're saying #HelloSummer with 15 new product varieties, including Flip and several others. The best part is that no matter the variety, each and every cup of Chobani Greek Yogurt is made with fresh milk from cows not treated with rBST. And they contain no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavors, which is a big deal in this house.

What do you do to take breaks during busy days? Have you tried Chobani Flip yet?

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  1. You sound super organized! I don't think I'd get half as much done myself if I had children :)
    Over here we have a similar product. I eat it mostly in summer!

  2. It's funny, I hear so much about Chobani (its a rare find here in Canada) but we're all particular about our Greek yogurt, I guess, and it never compares to my favourite brand, Liberte. Still, Liberte does not come with snacks to mix into it, and I have to admit that sounds pretty amazing :)

  3. looking cool !

  4. sorry for last comment.
    its looking yummy

  5. So funny, I just saw this stuff in the store yesterday and got some. Excited to try it now!

  6. Children are a wonderful blessing but they do require an abundance of time and lots of dedication. They also tend to force one to become uber organized. Of course now mine are all grown and I seem to have lost all of my organizational skills. :)

    Haven't tried Chobani yet, but have seen it heavily advertized on TV. The last brand of Greek yogurt that I tried I did not like at all, but it wasn't Chobani brand. Looks tempting, since I do enjoy yogurt I will probably give it a try .

  7. I'm sorry all I can see here is the amount of plastic for a single snack! Crap. This has no mean to be a mean comment, just my own thought when I look at it. And yes, life with a a kiddo gets crazy busy, thanks for sharing your routine! xx

    1. I try to be eco-conscious as well (I was a sustainable clothing designer for 15 years) so I don't see your comment/opinion as mean at all. Thankfully these are recyclable. :)

  8. Those look yummy---great for packing a lunch. (I eat at my desk 90% of the time.) I love that you do walks and stories every day with Essley. They grow up so fast!!


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