Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Color Love // Oak Buff

Pantone Oak Bluff for Fall (via Bubby and Bean)
1. Upstate Swank Shawl, ModCloth  //  2. The Zip Transport Tote with Pockets, Madewell  //  3. Karma Wrap Bracelet, House of Harlowe 1960  //  4. Women's Metro Grand Saddle Leather Strap Watch, Kate Spade  //  5. Double Fringe Side-Zip Boot, Minnetonka  //  6. Marlow Sunglasses, Moorea Seal  //  7. Sliced Cuff, Flourish Leather  //  8. Leggy Legend Nail Color, Essie  //  9. Ribknit Camel Sweater, H&M  //  10. Pashmina Shawl, Wedding Store  //  11. Tassel Fringe Deco Shoulder Bag, Oasap  

It's been quite a while since my last Color Love post. They admittedly take a really long time to put together, and I also just haven't found myself stepping too far beyond my usual neutral palette of grey and black lately. But yesterday, for whatever reason, I seemed to notice every color around me on a really intense level (kind of like eating psychedelic mushrooms in the middle of a forest in college when all of the trees are filled with vibrant fall tones, not that I would know what was like or anything). I suddenly felt all sorts of inspired to show a little love to autumn colors, and here I am. Rather than focus on all the fall colors, of course, (because no one wants to be subjected to a collage of clothing and accessories that look like they were vomited on by a pile of October leaves), I chose just one: oak buff. I'd normally call this color something like pale pumpkin pie or maybe muted copper or something, but Pantone calls it 'Oak Buff,' and since they're the experts and it's listed on their fall 2015 color trend report, I'm sticking with that. The thing I love about this color is that it's sort of a mix between a deep mustard (one of my year-round favorites) and a beige-y neutral, with a hint of rust. So although it has a certain zing (< first time I've ever used that word on the blog, or ever I think) to it, it's not overly loud or glaring. It genuinely reminds me of the perfect shade of fall leaves, or those crazy butterscotch sunsets we get to see this time of year. I honestly don't think I own anything in this color in my entire wardrobe, but now I want to. It feels really warm and soft and sort of nurturing. And I like that.

What are your thoughts on good ol' oak buff? What is your go-to color this fall?



  1. I have the Essie polish and I think it is perfect for fall!!!!

  2. I love this color for fall it reminds me of pumpkin pie!!!!

  3. I'm not sure I agree with Pantone's name for this colour, but nonetheless, it's one of the few non black or white or grey shades that I occasionally gravitate towards, particularly (as I'm sure isn't surprising) in the fall. I have for years had a bag and heels in exactly this shade that I take probably too much joy in matching time and again. I just recently added a pair of boots in a similar shade to my shoe collection and I think, perhaps, a watch might be next :)

  4. A couple of years ago I was all over this orange-y tan colour. It goes well with burgundy / maroon / marsala - my go to colours for fall. These days I like pairing them with grey though :) That sweater looks comfy!

  5. I just bought that Madewell bag!

  6. Thanks for your comments everybody! The color is growing on me more and more each day.

  7. I love this particular shade for leather! I call it camel, but that's just semantics. Haha. That tote is AMAZING. It would look great with all of the black I wear in the winter.


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